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What - Me Worry?

December 27, 2016, 4:18 pm
Posted by Lacy in Performance
What - Me Worry?

By Scott Hayes, President and Founder, DBI Software

You’re one of the lucky ones - you used the first version of Apple Maps, congratulations for making it out alive!

You’re one of the lucky ones - you used the first version of Apple Maps and didn’t end up:

  • Directed onto an active runway.
  • Routed the wrong way on a one-way street.
  • Driving down the bridge to nowhere.


Congratulations for making it out alive. Although my PC and Android friends might just consider this to be a beneficial thinning of the herd, there is a vital lesson here when it comes to introducing and improving software.

Kif Leswing wrote an interesting article recently entitled, “How the Apple Maps Fiasco Changed Apple.” Take the time to read it. It seems that Apple’s experience before the introduction of Apple Maps and Siri was with big releases that were sprung on the impatiently waiting world:

But internet services like Maps or Siri require a development cycle in which the product is constantly updated and improved - something that Apple didn’t have a lot of experience with. One example of the change: Now users can beta-test iPhone and Mac software, which allows Apple to fix bugs before it launches to a billion users.1

And here’s another critical piece - Apple Maps was accurate when it came to the streets where they lived and worked, so the developers assumed the maps were accurate everywhere else.

My world is the world of databases. My company, DBI Software, makes patented, award-winning software that allows IBM DB2 LUW databases to do more with the CPUs, memory, and licenses they already have. We work with a Who’s Who of companies - and those about to be. In my world, assumptions are deadly - they can literally bring your business to a halt.

That is why we follow this approach - and you should insist your IT team does the same:

  1. Find the right problem. Our software allows us to do this in about 15 seconds.
  2. Fix that problem.
  3. Test the fix - did it solve the problem? Did it cause additional problems? We never just assume that everything will be fine - we test.
  4. If it fixes the problem and does not introduce new problems, then the fix can be safely implemented with minimal measured risk.
  5. Then you identify the next problem and repeat steps 1-4 until your system is blazing fast.

Of course, you can even go beyond testing in a live environment to running a simulation to test the effect - if you have the latest version of our software, but more about that later.

What You Must Know
Do not assume - test.

If your IBM DB2 LUW database isn’t keeping up with performance demands, or if you’ve just been handed an emergency purchase request for CPUs and memory - or you want to prevent this from happening in the first place - contact us. We’ll diagnose any database problems for free in about 15 seconds, solve a real root-cause problem in two hours or less, and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in CPU’s, memory, licenses, consulting fees, and wasted time. Frankly, we’re not very popular with hardware and database license vendors, but your CFO, shareholders, and customers will love us.

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