IBM DB2 and SAP - A marriage made in heaven? Or Not?

The following article on DB2 and SAP is contributed by Martin Hubel. IBM is providing DB2 SAP Road Show Briefings THIS WEEK in select cities. Scott Hayes offers his own commentary on DB2 and SAP. Martin Hubel is an IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant and IBM Champion. He is also one of the world's leading top independent DB2 Consultants with respect to DB2 performance. We hope you find his article thought provoking and helpful.

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DB2 LUW Performance: A Self Tuning Memory Manager Case Study

I was recently contacted by a DBA at a large insurance company. After upgrading from DB2 V8.2 to, the DBA activated the Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) in the hope that it would solve all performance woes. To the contrary, performance got worse, and the DBA noted a marked increase in SORT overflows. He even opened a PMR with IBM. But this isn't a case of STMM gone crazy; something else is going on, but what? Let's take a look at the numbers and discover the truth.

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DB2 LUW Performance: An IDUG Ed Seminar Case Study

Congratulations to the IDUG Europe Conference Planning Committee (CPC)! IDUG Europe 2008 was one of the best IDUG conferences ever! On 17 October 2008, I taught the one day Ed Seminar "DB2 LUW Performance Diagnosis Learning Lab." This post contains a review of one of the participant's data and findings. The data comes from a busy production database that runs a banking application.

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