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DB2 LUW Performance: Direct I/O Times

April 15, 2009, 9:49 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 Performance Metrics
Returning our attention to the question "Where does the time go?", we need to look at Direct I/O times. Direct I/O is I/O that occurs directly to disk without an intermediate visit or presence in the Bufferpools. Direct I/O is used by DB2 in support of LONG and LOB objects. Even if you think you are not using LONG and LOB objects, you are implicitly using them as these data types are found throughout the DB2 catalog.
DRIOMS - The average time (ms) required to complete a Direct Read

DRIOMS = Direct reads elapsed time (ms) / Direct Reads

DWIOMS - The average time (ms) required to complete a Direct Write

DWIOMS = Direct write elapsed time (ms) / Direct Writes

To compute DRIOMS and DWIOMS, use Database Snapshots ('dbsnap2.txt'), Bufferpool Snapshots ('bpsnap2.txt'), and Tablespace Snapshots ('tssnap2.txt'). First, find the average for the database for each metric for the database overall. Second, compute DRIOMS and DWIOMS for each tablespace. If a value for any given tablespace is significantly greater than the average for the database overall, then you have yourself a genuine "opportunity for improvement" on your hands. Examine the containers for the slowest tablespaces and see if they can be relocated to faster storage devices.

DRIOMSTX - The average amount of Direct Read I/O time consumed per database transaction

DRIOMSTX = (Direct reads elapsed time (ms) / (Commit statements attempted + Rollback statements attempted))

DWIOMSTX - The average amount of Direct Write I/O time consumed per database transaction

DWIOMSTX = (Direct write elapsed time (ms) / (Commit statements attempted + Rollback statements attempted))

To compute DRIOMSTX and DWIOMSTX, use a Database Snapshot ('dbsnap2.txt'). These two metrics will tell you how much time each database transaction is spending on performing Direct Reads and Direct Writes, respectively.

If you relocate tablespace containers to faster storage devices, you should be able to measure improvements for all four of the direct I/O time measurements.

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