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DB2 LUW Performance: SQL Snapshots, IDUG, and Solid State Disk

March 11, 2010, 5:27 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 Performance How-To
OH WOW! Right now I am slapping myself on my back so hard that it hurts! In an earlier blog post on I/O Optimization and Solid State Disk (SSD), I referenced a recent IBM DM Magazine article and discussed an improved weighting formula for determining which tablespaces would benefit most from SSD storage. WELL, I just created a masterpiece SQL Snapshot command that implements best practices weighting factor calculations! This SQL Snapshot command is amazing...
It joins together:
and computes/shows:
  • Tablespace Name
  • The size of each tablespace in MB (so you can figure out how many SSDs you need)
  • The Data Access Randomness Factor ( Synchronous Read Percent or SRP)
  • The Read Latency Time ( Overall Read Milliseconds or ORMS)
  • The Read I/O Cost (correlates to velocity/rates but more accurate)
  • The SSD Ranked Weighting Factor (the higher the weighting, the more ideally suited for SSD)
  • The Percentage of Physical Reads performed by the Tablespace relative to all Database Physical Reads

I am so excited to share this SQL masterpiece with you that I wish it was time for IDUG in Tampa Florida!


Because during my IDUG Education Seminar " DB2 LUW Performance Diagnostics and Tuning Lab ", I am going to share this SQL Snapshot (on CDROM) along with dozens and dozens of other incredibly useful SQL Snapshots.

SO... you KNOW what you NEED to do! REGISTER TO ATTEND IDUG NOW!!!

Best regards,
Scott Hayes
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant & Information Management Champion
CEO, DBI, the Industry Leader in DB2 LUW Performance and Cost Optimization

PS - Yes, of course, the DBI DB2 LUW Performance Tools automate all of this analysis, and much more, along with comprehensive performance trend charts and automated configuration history change tracking. The typical DBI customer is able to reduce CPU utilization by 30-90% and improve response times within just a few hours. And, yes, we'll have a booth at IDUG. icon_wink

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