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DB2 LUW Performance: Following my own Advice and Thankful

February 14, 2011, 10:29 am
Posted by Scott in DB2 Performance Best Practices
About a year ago I blogged Are you REALLY READY for Production?. I am following my own advice and very thankful! Perhaps, maybe, this is one of the most important blogs I've ever written! Let me tell you more...
In that blog (did you read it yet? ), I suggested that development and test machines should be some old, underpowered, pieces of junk. I also warned against hiding performance defects behind large DB2 bufferpools.

DBI is presently undertaking QA measures for our upcoming releases of our best in class DB2 LUW Performance Tools. For my own testing efforts, I am using a junk laptop that is 6 years old - the LCD monitor doesn't even work! It has only 2GB memory and a dual core CPU that operates at a snail's pace by today's standards. Suffice it to say, I've found some queries that need some tuning! When you can get great performance from old junk hardware, then you are probably ready for production!

More remarkably, there are some queries in the workload that take about 6 seconds to complete with a 128MB bufferpool. But, when the bufferpool is increased to 256MB, the entire 203MB table fits in memory and the same queries complete in 1/4 second!!!

With the 256MB bufferpool, I get 100% Bufferpool Hit ratio. Yippee. At the same time, XP Task Manager shows that the dual core CPU is on fire at 100% busy! Folks, please don't fall prey to BUFFERPOOL FOLLY!


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Finally, Happy Valentines Day to all DB2 lovers out there!


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