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All About IDUG - New Discounts - VIP PASS - Recommended LUW Sessions PART 2

April 1, 2011, 9:39 am
Posted by Scott in DB2 News
PART 2. IMHO, there is simply no better forum than IDUG for learning about DB2. This year DBI is a GOLD Sponsor of the Anaheim Conference and we'll be showcasing our newest releases of the DBI Performance Tools for DB2 LUW. CLICK HERE for a FREE VIP PASS to the Expo Hall. I will be attending as many sessions and events as possible. CLICK HERE to view my personal marked up copy of the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Grid.

In related news, remember to register for your free seat in our virtual studio audience on 8 April 2011 when The DB2Night Show™ will announce our DB2's GOT TALENT contest winners. The episode theme is " All about IDUG ". IDUG Volunteers will be sharing helpful information about education, networking, and free DB2 certification opportunities, and much much more. AND, if you missed the Early Bird Registration Discount, IDUG will be announcing a "DB2Night Show" discount during this show that will be valid for one week only - through 15 April 2011!

Scott's Recommended IDUG Events (Thursday and Friday)

If you're new to IDUG or if you are keen on following DB2 LUW Performance topics, here is a listing of the sessions and events that I plan to attend (provided, of course, that I don't get distracted).

Thursday, 5 May

C09- Vijay Sitaram. Sounds like an interesting story that shares a customer experience related to upgrading DB2.

C10 - Melanie Stopfer is simply the world's best DB2 presenter and educator. I'd attend Melanie's session over attending my own wedding or funeral. Gotta be here.

C11 - Customer Experiences with Index Compression by Prashant from Suntrust. I'd rather hear about customer experiences than a marketing pitch on workload optimized systems from IBM. This is part of the intrinsic value of IDUG - learning from real Users.

D12 - James Surber is a terrific presenter and he shares great ideas in this presentation.

4:00-5:00pm - Special Interest Groups. Pick one and go.

6:00-9:00pm - The IDUG Dine-Around. This event is A LOT of fun. Don't miss it!!! And, sign up early because restraunt capacities fill up quickly!

Friday, 6 May

D13 - User Speaker - Randy - Automating Table Partitioning - Sounds cool. Love User experience sessions.

C14 - Melanie Stopfer again. Like I said before, I'd miss my own wedding or funeral to attend a session given by Melanie.

C15 - Philip Nelson has a lovely Brittish accent and he's an incredibly smart guy. I'm curious to learn how he deals with managing change. Serge Rielau, D15, is also a good speaker. Consider D15 as an alternate if you want to learn about DB2 compatibility or enablement for/with Oracle or SQL Server.

That's a wrap! In case you missed Part 1 of this 2 part series, CLICK HERE for Part 1 and recommendations for Monday through Wednesday.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at IDUG!

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