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Happy Father's Day: Performance Lessons Learned from Dad

June 19, 2011, 1:11 pm
Posted by Scott in General
My dad died June 10, 2011, around 1:45pm CDT. I learned of this via text message at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport. While this may not seem relevant to "DB2" at the moment, my dad made many contributions to our DB2 LUW community. This blog is a toast to my dad, your dad, and anyone out there who has a dad. I wrote and delivered this eulogy on June 16th in Harrisburg, PA. Several people asked for copies of the handouts, so, okay, I've shared (grin). Fathers are special people...
... not to understate, of course, the importance and value of one's mother. Fathers teach values, offer encouragement, and help us when we have the humility to ask for it.

I think I was particularly fortunate because I had the opportunity to work alongside my dad from 1999-2003 and for a bit during 2005-2006. Dad, aka Richard Allen Hayes, worked on the Wise-GUY™, Space-GUY™, and Pool-GUY™ DB2 LUW Performance tools that were offered from DGI ( Database-GUYS, Inc. ). Many of DGI's customers got to know him as "old guy" via dad's support assistance. So, there you have it - this is dad's link to our DB2 LUW community.

The loss of a loved one is hard, but it forces open the door of reflection and evaluation of one's priorities. It is so true that "we don't know what we've had until we've lost it". Abundance breeds apathy, and scarcity creates demand. We cannot assume that we can spend time with someone tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come. Fighting or arguing about stupid little stuff is a waste of precious time. Be kind.

To all the dad's out there, spend more time with your children. And for the children among us, let's spend more time with our parents and families. At the end of our lives we will not be measured by how many transactions we completed at what cost and what rate, but by the number of commitments that we made and kept. Spend your time wisely and keep your integrity in check.

Happy Father's Day to all,

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