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Updated: DB2 LUW Performance Tuning Blogs: Greatest Hits

March 2, 2014, 4:10 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 Performance Best Practices
Recently we've been analyzing which of the DB2 LUW Performance Blogs are the most popular. This presents us with an opportunity to weed out the clutter (news and announcements) and organize the most helpful blogs into a single indexed resource for your convenience. Here's most everything you need to know about DB2 LUW monitoring and tuning...

Opening Remarks

We used to assert that the 80/20 rule applied to physical design versus parameter and memory tuning. With many memory related configuration parameters becoming "automatic", and with the help of the configuration advisor, the ratio has now shifted towards 90/10 with 90% of your tuning benefits coming from workload analysis and physical design tuning. In light of this, we'll focus on workload analysis and physical design first, then highlight relevant database and monitoring aspects later.

DB2 LUW Workload Performance Analysis

Where is the pain? What makes a database suffer? Does a performance issue belong to the database, or not? What is the SQL that is hurting the database performance the most? We have answers to these important questions in these very popular blog posts.

  • The DNA Test of Performance Accountability. Before we tear our hair out trying to solve a performance problem, wouldn't it be wise to know, first, if the performance problem belongs to the database? You can't fix it if you don't own it!
  • Table Read I/O and Overflows. Note: In DB2 V10.5, there is a new Online REORG option that will cleanup overflow problems.
  • Once you know which tables are causing the database the most pain, next you should perform an aggregated cost analysis of the SQL that is contributing I/O to your most highly read tables. See Identifying Mosquito Swarms - SQL Workload Cost Analysis.
    • Mosquito Swarms? This is analogous to "death by a thousand cuts" and in stark contrast to "Elephant Hunting". Are people screaming What's Happening Right NOW!?!?!? Happy Elephant Hunting to you - but, just remember, what is happening right now may never happen again. And, whatever is happening right now might distract you from real, root cause problems.

DB2 LUW Physical Design / Index Solutions

You've determined that opportunity for improvement in a database genuinely exists, you've identified some tables that are causing the database pain, and you've isolated some costly SQL and reviewed Explains. We have many blogs and resources on indexing for optimized performance.


DB2 LUW Table Physical Design

DB2 LUW Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Presuming you've followed the prescriptions above for identifying, isolating, and curing the most adverse and costly database workload problems, it is now appropriate to consider fine tuning I/O and memory configurations. Also, by taking some top level database performance measurements, you can get a good understanding of database health and fitness overall.

DB2 Database Performance KPIs and Tuning

Miscellaneous and Popular Topics

If you've made it this far, congratulations! icon_biggrin However, there's more you should be aware of. icon_smile

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DBI Top News Releases

A compilation of our most popular, most helpful, DB2 LUW Performance blogs wouldn't feel complete without highlighting some of our favorite news announcements.

Closing Remarks

We hope you find this resource of DB2 LUW Performance Blogs to be helpful in your monitoring and tuning endeavors. No company is more committed to helping to grow the DB2 LUW community than DBI Software. As the saying goes with Syms Clothing on the USA East Coast, "A well educated consumer is our best customer!" Or, as we like to think, "People don't know what tools they need to buy until they know what they need to know." DBI offers "Smarter Tools for Smarter People."

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to see what you're missing and experience 10X ROI, kindly Contact DBI. We're here to help!

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