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IDUG NA PHX News and Scott Hayes' Recommended Sessions

May 11, 2014, 3:14 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 News
IDUG News, Updates, and Recommended Technical Sessions LIVE from Phoenix AZ! The weather is AWESOME - sunny, warm, 0% chance of rain all week! Here's the latest scoop on BREAKFASTS, events, tech sessions, and more...

IDUG Event News

  • Thanks to DBI Software, DanL Consulting, and Gunning Technologies, IDUG will be offering a "Wake Up with IDUG Networking Event" Tuesday-Friday 7am-8am in the GARDEN room, 4th Level. Coffee, tea, and baked goods will be served.
  • CA is having a reception at Lucky Strike Bowling Tuesday evening, visit their booth for tickets and information.
  • IBM is having a reception event Wednesday evening, likely at the Sheraton, visit their booth for details.
  • Don't miss the IDUG Dine-Around Dinner Events Thursday evening - sign up sheets will be made available after the opening keynote session. Make a stampede to these sign up sheets as fast as you can to make your dinner selections! DanL and Scott Hayes are dinner "hosts" at The Arrogant Butcher.
  • Be sure to visit DBI's Booth #105. Professional Magician Frank Velasco will be performing magic tricks for your entertainment, and DBI will give you some of the tricks to take home to share with your friends, family, and peers.

Breaking News via Twitter

Visit and bookmark these Twitter feeds (you don't need to be a twitter user to view these posts) :

  • @idugdb2 Official IDUG
  • @srhayes Scott Hayes - DB2 LUW performance guru, IBM Information Management Champion, & DB2 GOLD Consultantant
  • @mkrafick Mike Krafick - DB2 comic and IBM Information Management Champion
  • @ember_crooks Ember Crooks - blogger, IBM Information Management Champion, & DB2 GOLD Consultantant
  • @mstopfer1 Melanie Stopfer - world famous IBM DB2 teacher that is addicted to chocolate chip cookies
  • @susvis Susan Visser - IBM's most popular blogger, DB2's GOT TALENT judge, and social media curator.
  • @db2fred Fred Sobotka - DB2 comic and XML brain surgeon.
  • @pault99 Paul Turpin, nice guy, seasoned DB2 pro, excellent speaker
  • @ibm_db2 IBM DB2
  • @pkgcache Fred & Ian - Podcast publishers at
  • @craigmullins Craig Mullins - he writes those hefty thick DB2 bible books
  • @danl_database Dan Luksetich - most awesome SQL coder in the world
  • @db2performance Tweets mostly about DB2 LUW Performance stuff, tips, events, tricks
  • @db2nightshow Tweets mostly about The DB2Night Show™ events, shows, replays, and ReTweets entertaining and informative content

Better yet, don't just visit, FOLLOW! Even Better - Get Mobile Notifications! @mkrafick and @db2fred say some really funny things and you don't want to miss their wit and wisdom!

Recommended DB2 LUW Tech Sessions

Choosing sessions can be very hard. Sometimes you want to attend because you've heard or know there is a great speaker. Sometimes the content interests you. And sometimes you just can't decide because there are conflicting great sounding sessions.

On DBI Software's Keynote Chairdrop sponsorship (it is like junk mail, but actually worthwhile, and delivered to your chair Tuesday morning), and listed here for redundancy (in case you somehow miss the keynote or misplace the Chairdrop), the follow sessions are recommended by Scott Hayes for IBM DB2 LUW attendees based on knowledge of speakers, content, lack of marketing, and perceived educational value. Individual preferences may vary. At the very least, you can use this list to break ties if you can't decide between two sessions.

The hyperlinks below take you to IDUG's site for more detailed information on each session.

Monday 12 May

Tuesday 13 May

Don't miss the grand opening of the IDUG Exhibit Hall! Get your Passport to Prizes card stamped!

Wednesday 14 May

Thursday 15 May

Don't miss the Passport to Prizes drawing at 12:45pm in the Exhibit Hall! You must be present to win!

Friday 16 May

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