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Great Reasons to attend IDUG EMEA in Brussels!

October 11, 2016, 5:30 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 News
2016 IDUG Brussels, Belgium Nov 13-18 The early bird might be dead, but you can still get a big worm! Use registration code "2016DBI25" and get 25% off your conference registration! This is made possible by a cooperative effort between top IDUG Exhibitors and IDUG inasmuch as vendors are seeking to help boost attendance at this incredible conference! This is just one great reason to attend IDUG EMEA - saving money! Continue reading for more great reasons to attend!

Great Reasons to Attend IDUG EMEA in Brussels

In no particular order, here are some reasons to attend IDUG - some are great, some are good, and some are just intended to be humorous. We'll number them to make them easy to discuss with your friends and peers. Which are your favorite reasons? Why are you attending? Feel free to Tweet and Discuss on your favorite social media platforms - please!

  1. Oil prices are low and therefore airfares are cheap. Flying is fast and fun. Don't run - you'll arrive hot and sweaty and have trouble making friends.

  2. You have two choices of nice IDUG hotels with good rates. There's a park nearby where you can probably sleep on a park bench if your budget is small. Or we could see how many people we can squeeze into Melanie Stopfer's room.

  3. Melanie Stopfer @mstopfer1 will be there. You know that wherever Melanie goes, there will be a great party fantastic and helpful DB2 education!

  4. Speaking of networking events, DBI Software and Triton are teaming up to host a fun reception Monday evening at 20:00 after the exhibit hall closes on Day 1. Visit @dbisoftware at Booth #1 to get your reception ticket! Supplies are limited.

  5. The internet is full of places and resources to learn about IBM DB2 and adjacent IBM technologies, but only at a great conference like IDUG can you actually meet IBM developers, independent consultants, and other industry luminaries and ASK THEM QUESTIONS. When you build personal relationships with people at a conference, they are much more likely to respond to you later when you email them your annoying questions.

  6. Belgium is famous for delicious beer. Odds are high that Melanie Stopfer will drink one, or twelve, or maybe pour another in Scott Hayes' lap. Odds are also high that Ember Crooks will NOT drink a beer - she is fueled by Diet Coke only.

  7. Ember Crooks @ember_crooks will be there. She's famous. She's awesome. She writes the #DB2 blogs. Her presentation on SQL Infusion using The Package Cache is the bomb (session C3). You will have to beat your head into the wall if you miss it!

  8. The city of Brussels is beautiful and full of history. I plan to ride a Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus on Saturday 12 November. I wonder how many bus stops will offer beer brewed in Belgium. icon_confused

  9. IBM will be hosting a fabulous dinner reception/networking event on Wednesday night 16 November. Visit their booth for details and your ticket.

  10. Your cheese may be moving, but find out if you are doomed during the Thursday keynote with guest Marcel den Hartog on "The future of IT; Are we all Doomed?"

  11. On Monday, you'll get to REBOOT YOUR THINKING with a keynote from Paul Sloane. My thinking needs to be rebooted about as often as my laptop.

  12. Overall, the entire conference grid is filled with exceptional speakers and compelling, relevant, and timely topics. There's a 100% chance that you will learn things that will be valuable to your organization and your career. Click Here to See the Conference Grid - this link downloads a PDF.

  13. Networking, networking, networking. You won't meet people that can help you be successful if you sit at your desk at your office. Many IDUG attendees have historically rated the networking events to be amongst the most helpful aspects of the IDUG conference. I guarantee you will make new friends and professional connections. Have you met Steve Rees @db2steve yet? He'll be there. Look for him in sessions D2 and D16. You need to be friends with Steve. Steve likes beer. Hint hint.

  14. The IDUG Exhibit Hall is a fun place where you can meet with sponsoring vendors. Visit their booths, learn about what they offer, and get your Passport to Prizes card stamped because you could go home with some really great prizes. The Exhibit Hall is also where IDUG hosts its receptions, so you will enjoy drinks (likely beer and/or wine) and good food. Click Here to See the Exhibit Hall Floor Plan and find your favorite vendors (link downloads an image file).

  15. Vendors also provide a limited number of Vendor Solution Presentations (VSPs) wherein you can learn about the technology solutions that the vendors provide. You can also win prizes for attending these presentations (this is to help keep you away from Belgium Beer during conference hours).
    • This year DBI Software will be offering TWO Vendor Solution Presentations and DBI will be giving away a GoPro Hero4 movie camera in each session. We have a lot of great information to share!
      • Monday, 14 November, 14:00-15:00, DBI presents "Successfully Managing 100's of DB2 LUW Databases" in the KLIMT room. Our distinguished speaker will be Mr. Michael Petkau who is a DBI customer in Canada.
      • Tuesday, 15 November, 11:30-12:30, DBI presents "Magical DB2 LUW Performance Tips and Tricks your Hardware & Software Vendors Don't Want you to Know" in the KLIMT room. Our speaker will be Scott Hayes (me), an IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant, IBM Champion, and curator and host of The DB2Night Show.

  16. Speaking of Scott, please don't miss Scott Hayes' technical session "D11" on Wednesday, 16 November, from 11:00-12:00 "Sage Advice Part 3: Predictive Index Impact Analysis" where you will learn how to determine if new indexes will help or hurt, and how much! Follow Scott on Twitter @srhayes - tweets on politics, DB2, food, wine, beer, travel, Harley, Wisdom, Leadership, and whatever else seeps out of his unfiltered brain.

  17. There will be no children attending - for some, this could be a sanctuary of tranquility.

  18. There will be no pets. If you have allergies, you can breathe easy.

  19. IDUG loves you. If you have special diet needs, let IDUG know when you register.

  20. You can solve the mystery of Scott Hayes' hair color. Will it be brown, white, grey, salt & pepper, or BLU?

  21. You can meet Matt Huras @db2guy in person and ask him really hard questions - like why does DB2 do such-and-such when I do this-and-that? Catch him in technical session "C1" talking about "DB2 LUW V11.1: A Technical Overview".

  22. Session "C2" looks promising. See Ian Bjorhovde @idbjorh, DataProxy LLC, talking about "DB2 Data Security: Keeping your Data Safe with Encryption".

  23. The USA Presidential Election will be over, so you'll need something else to do instead of campaigning for your favorite candidate.

  24. Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Several sessions on cloud - best practices, tips, to go or not to go, running utilities, and more.

  25. Session F5 by Ken Shaffer @aerodata, Aerodata Inc. "Developer’s Do the Darndest Things". Ken was a DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant and he's an entertaining, polished, funny, and insightful presenter. He flew his own plane to IDUG Austin, but likely he'll be taking commercial aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean.

  26. You can meet Henrik Loeser @data_henrik from IBM Germany - he's another popular DB2 blogger at See if you can guess how tall he is in sessions C8 or C9.

  27. Martin Hubel @mhubel, MHC Inc., offers his "Top tips from a lifetime of tuning DB2." Once you meet Martin, you'll know immediately that he has a lifetime of experience from his stylish hair. Don't miss session D14.

  28. John Hornibrook @JHornibrookIBM, IBM Canada, will be there giving sessions D8 and D17. IBM's top Optimizer guy hasn't optimized his twitter account yet, but don't hold that against him. It's possible that John will be the smartest man in Brussels during the IDUG conference, so be sure to shake his hand and introduce yourself.

  29. DB2 for z/OS V12 is out - IDUG is absolutely the best place where you can learn about new features, capabilities, and early user experiences. Look for Julian Stuhler from @Triton1 consulting in session B6 for early user experiences and lessons learned.

  30. The food is great. Really. GREAT breakfasts are included in your room rates, and IDUG Europe offers THE BEST lunches of any IDUG conference - expect great meals that'll keep your brain fueled while you learn!

  31. 13 Conference Planning Committee Volunteers have worked extremely hard to create the BEST conference ever for learning about DB2 and related technologies. It'll be a tragic shame if you don't take advantage of the best discounts ever offered and attend this fantastic opportunity to grow your skills, nurture your career, and make new lifetime friends.
    • CLICK HERE to learn more about the IDUG Brussels conference and to Register! And remember to use discount code "2016DBI25" to save 25% off the conference badge cost!
I look forward to seeing you in Brussels Belgium at IDUG EMEA!
Scott Hayes

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