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Db2 Performance: Tuning Db2 LUW Explains and db2advis, Part 1

Would you like Db2 LUW Explains and db2advis.exe to run faster and more efficiently? If so, then this blog is for you! Explain and Db2Advis are applications just like any other, and their performance can be improved by adding indexes to EXPLAIN and ADVISE tables!

In this new series of Db2 LUW Performance blog posts, we will share with you our performance analysis of Db2 EXPLAIN and Db2Advis processing and SQL with the goal of ultimately providing you with CREATE INDEX commands that will make Explain and Db2Advis processing faster and more efficient.

You might be thinking "Who cares?" Well, everyone should care because efficiency is important! And if your management is hounding you for a performance fix to a failing application, you probably want your Explains and Db2Advis to run as fast as possible!

DBI Customers using DBI pureFeat™ Performance Management Suite for IBM Db2 LUW V6.3 or V7.0 will also find this analysis, and the recommended new indexes, very beneficial to DBI's Predictive Index Impact Analysis processing! Briefly, Impact Analysis discovers all of the SQL contributing I/O to a table, then Db2 Explains are run with and without contemplated indexes to ascertain the benefits and risks, if any, of creating a new index.

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by Scott in DB2 Performance How-To
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