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DB2 LUW Performance Analysis and Tuning Workshop at IDUG NA, Anaheim, CA

IDUG North America 2011 Logo In 2010, the "DB2 LUW Performance Analysis and Tuning Workshop" drew top attendance numbers in North America, Australia, and EMEA. In 2011, this IDUG Ed Seminar has been updated and is being offered again as session Z04. Click Here for Details.

In this full day class, you will receive over three dozen SQL Snapshot commands to help analyze YOUR database. Together, we will learn about what to measure, we will discover the problems and "opportunities for improvement" in your database, we will discuss solutions, and you will return to your office fully equipped to make measurable performance improvements.

This blog post contains the specific instructions that you should use to prepare for this workshop...

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by Scott in DB2 Performance Best Practices
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