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The DB2Night Show Special Edition: DB2 LUW Challenges, Solutions, and Tips

October 2, 2010, 1:22 am
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW

DB2 LUW Challenges, Solutions, and Tips

DB2 Reality TV - Interviews with DB2 LUW Experts...

In this Special Edition of The DB2Night Show, DBI "interviewed" three top candidates for an open Software Consultant Engineer position and asked each professional to describe a DB2 challenge they faced, how they conquered it, and to offer a quick DB2 LUW tip to our audience. Some of the lessons learned covered SQL performance analysis, speeding up data warehouse loads to meet SLAs, and monitoring HADR. Tips covered DB2 optimization levels, DB2 security, and more.

Our studio audience "voted" on the candidates, and there was a clear front runner. However, in this recorded replay, we edited the video to remove the voting results. We suggest you watch this replay yourself, learn from the experiences of your peers, and draw your own conclusions. Watch the replay and learn from real DB2 LUW users...

In consideration of their participation, each of our expert candidates will be receiving $100 gift certificates. And, to thank everyone in our studio audience for their time and their valuable opinions (via the poll voting and exit survey), everyone in our studio audience that voted will receive a $10 gift certificate. Yes, we know, we had promised $5 certificates, but at DBI we try real hard to exceed expectations.

We'd also like to bring to your attention our upcoming shows:

  • OCT 8 - The DB2Night Show goes "Cross Platform" with special guest Sheryl Larsen. Sheryl will share SQL performance lessons learned from recent consulting engagements and offer tips for both DB2 z/OS and LUW!
  • OCT 15 - DB2 LUW Performance Tuning Lessons Learned with special guest Martin Hubel, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant. Really - you don't want to miss this - even if you don't have SAP!
  • NOV 5 - The SQL Snapshot Potluck Party is BACK! Share your favorite SQL Snapshot command and receive the source code for the entire collection!
  • NOV 19 - What's new and COOL with DB2 LUW with guest George Baklarz, IBM
For show details, free registrations, and replays, kindly visit

Finally, also on October 8th at 2pm Central, DBI is offering a free Webinar "TEN SQL Snapshot commands you MUST run TODAY!" - this is a derivative work of Scott Hayes' IDUG Regional technical session. Attendees will receive the SOURCE CODE for these invaluable commands. DETAILS and REGISTRATION.

To download a recorded replay of Episode #SE, right click on the link below and choose "Save As..."
Special Edition, 2010 October 1, DB2 Challenges, Solutions, and Tips from DB2 Experts

This replay is being offered for download as a ZIP file containing one WMV file - ZIP saved 22MB - which means you can download it faster... and we're all about speed and efficiency at DBI. icon_wink

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