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The DB2Night Show #51: Put on the Boxing Gloves, DB2 LUW vs Oracle, Part 2

April 28, 2011, 12:03 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
It's another KNOCK OUT! Special guests from Triton Consulting and IBM Canada presented findings from their DB2 LUW versus Oracle Usability study. While you might expect some bias, the methods deployed for the study are quite scientific and objective. Julian Stuhler, Triton, focused today's talk on comparing automatic memory tuning, security administration, and auditing. Which database is "easier"? Watch and learn...

Host Commentary

Triton and IBM have provided several links to additional resources and PDFs. Keep reading. You'll find these near the bottom of this post. 80% of today's studio audience indicated that they learned something! We also plan to follow up with future episodes of The DB2Night Show that actually DEMONSTRATE, side by side, DB2 LUW and Oracle Usability. Our studio audience voted on the areas of administration that they would most like to see demonstrated live. This is going to be fun! I can hardly wait for Season #3 to start this fall!

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Episode 51, 28 April 2011, DB2 LUW versus Oracle Usability Study, Part 2 of 2.

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