The DB2Night Show #152: DB2's GOT TALENT - Finals Round 2 - Top 8 Compete!


Finals Round #2

Top 8 Finalists Compete for YOUR Votes!

Great DB2 LUW & z/OS presentations!

100% of our studio audience learned something! Today's presentations were GREAT and included topics on MON_GET_DATABASE, Configuring UOW Event Monitor, IBM Performance Analysis Suite, Connecting DB2 LUW to Microsoft Access, SQL Injection and Exception Handling via Stored Procedures, taming a mismatched DB2 z/OS catalog, and solving challenges with IDAA and IBM Data Stage Jobs! This show contains another buffet of useful tips and advice! Enjoy!

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40 Hours of #FREE #DB2 Education! Index of DB2Night Show Replays

Looking to improve your DB2 skills and expertise this summer? During Season #2 of The DB2Night Show™, we provided over 40 hours of free DB2 education to the DB2 communities. We gave away over $3,000 in prizes. This blog post contains an index of all Season #2 shows. Bookmark it, and start feeding your brain!

Thank you to all of our guests and sponsors. Your contributions to The DB2Night Show have helped grow the DB2 community!

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DB2's GOT TALENT: Focus on DB2 Commands 11 March 2011

Join our webinar studio audience 11 March 2010 as our Top Finalists will share tips, techniques, and lessons learned on DB2 commands. Finalists have been instructed to offer presentations on db2look, db2dart, db2top, db2move, db2advis, db2exfmt, or any other DB2 LUW command in the BIN directory. Our DB2 z/OS finalist will present "Beyond DSNJU003". Register at

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DB2's GOT TALENT - FINALS - "The Cream of the Crop" Compete for your VOTES

During February 2011, nearly 40 contestants competed in DB2's GOT TALENT for 10 Finalist positions! Our judges made tough decisions! We've narrowed the contestants and their tips and lessons learned down to the "best of the best"! Our finalists have won $50 Gift Certificates, but now they'll need YOUR VOTES to determine who wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes...

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DB2's GOT TALENT - Contestant and Topic Line Up

Updated 2011-02-16: With much anticipation, The DB2'S GOT TALENT Contest continues Friday, 18 February 2011, at 10am Central. Contestants have submitted a variety of topics which should make this a very interesting learning opportunity for everyone. We are still looking for one or two contestants, and we certainly hope to see you in the studio audience. This update covers the current schedule...

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DB2'S GOT TALENT - Contestant Confidentiality Update

If you are a contestant or are considering becoming a contestant, please be aware that you will be introduced by your first name and country of origin only. You may share additional contact details at your discretion. Full names, companies, and countries of origin for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced on 8 April 2011. Please refer to DB2'S GOT TALENT Contest Details for more information.

DB2's GOT TALENT Contest - Now open to both z/OS and LUW!!!

Breaking news! After coordinating efforts with IBM and IDUG, The DB2's GOT TALENT contest is now open to both DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW professionals! We've also relaxed the eligibility rules a bit, and even offered some suggested topics. Visit The DB2Night Show site to learn more!

The 2010 Top 20 Downloads of The DB2Night Show

The DB2Night Show Logo The DB2Night Show™ is pleased to announce our Top 20 Downloaded Shows for 2010. Rankings are based upon the number of show downloads. Overall, there were 43,893 Episodes downloaded during 2010. This ranking is different from the previous Top 10 Shows by Audience Attendance. We've also announced the DB2's GOT TALENT Contest with nearly $5,000 USD in prizes!
And the Top 20 downloaded shows are...

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The 2010 Top 10 Episodes of The DB2Night Show

The DB2Night Show Logo The DB2Night Show™ is pleased to announce our Top 10 Shows for 2010. Rankings are based upon Studio Audience Attendance. We've also announced the DB2's GOT TALENT Contest with nearly $5,000 USD in prizes!
And the Top 10 shows are...

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Move over American Idols - This is DB2 REALITY TV!


During this special edition of The DB2Night Show™, DBI will be interviewing our top candidates for our open Software Consultant Engineer position (see for details). Each candidate will be given 8 minutes to describe a DB2 LUW challenge they faced and how they conquered it, 1 minute to offer a quick DB2 tip, and 1 minute to "make their case" for why they are our best candidate!

Studio Audience members will get to vote on our candidates! Your votes will influence DBI's selection committee (but the final decision rests with DBI), determine the prize that each of our candidates will win, AND... AND... AND... everyone in our studio audience that participates in candidate voting will earn a $5 gift certificate (limited to the first 100 attendees that arrive) in appreciation of your involvement!



Details and registration:

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The DB2Night Show Blogs

In a continuing effort to improve our service to the DB2 LUW Community, DBI has started a blog for The DB2Night Show™. In blog format, you can pick up RSS feeds of new posts, be the first to know about upcoming show episodes, and find out about the availability of show replays.

Soon we will also create a Linked In group for The DB2Night Show where we can announce upcoming episodes and discuss prior shows. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you are not yet following The DB2Night Show on Twitter, please do so. We realize some organizations block Twitter, but you can set it up to follow on your mobile phone. "db2nightshow" is a low volume Tweet account - normally not more than six tweets per month. If you follow on your mobile phone, you will be amongst the first to know about trivia questions for prizes. Visit and follow us for fun!

Your Host,
Scott Hayes

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