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The DB2Night Show #13: DB2 LUW Compression Updates

February 19, 2010, 1:24 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
In our 13th show, special guest Paul Zikopoulos, Program Director - DB2 Evangelism, IBM Software Group, provided us with fantastic information on "DB2 LUW Compression Updates". He covered compression in DB2 9.1, 9.5, and 9.7, index compression, temp compression, and even shared competitive information that compares DB2 LUW compression to Oracle and SQL Server. This Episode is a MUST SEE...
To download a recorded replay of Episode #13, right click on the link below and choose "Save As..."
Episode 13, 2010 Feb 19, DB2 LUW Compression Updates with Paul Zikopoulos

We will add a PDF handout of Paul's presentation to this blog page soon. But, don't wait for the PDF - this will be a "sanitized" version without competitive information... Watch the replay!

Also during this episode, we announced a new LinkedIn Group for The DB2Night Show™. The group is an open group. Join to receive LinkedIn group updates including future shows and replay information, and, if you like, start some discussions about the show! Join The DB2Night Show LinkedIn Group!

Thanks for watching!

Our Shameless Marketing Moment

During this episode, DBI's short two minute sponsorship commercial included a brief live demonstration of DBI's performance analysis, tuning, and trending tools for DB2 LUW. Here's what we did:

  • Click 1: Database Triage - identify the database having the worst performance problems
  • Click 2: We performed a Table Performance analysis and discovered over 98% of database read I/O was occurring against one table
  • Click 3: We performed a Statement Workload Analysis to find ALL of the SQL driving I/O to the table
  • Click 3: We Explained the SQL statement and determined than an index was needed
  • Click 4: We passed the high CPU cost statement to the IBM Design Advisor and received validation - a second opinion if you will - that the index we thought was needed was indeed needed, and that the proposed index would provide a tremendous CPU cost reduction.
  • Bonus! We showed how we can graph the performance of a statement over time, how performance improvements can be graphically verified, and how DBI can show you the details of changes (physical design, memory, and configuration) and how the changes influenced performance!
THAT'S IT - JUST FOUR MOUSE CLICKS IN under 120 SECONDS to identify, isolate, and resolve a performance problem! We could have done it in just three clicks but didn't want to show off! icon_biggrin

While you're here and waiting for your download to complete, why not spend a minute checking out DBI's performance management tools for IBM DB2 LUW? Visit our DB2 LUW Performance Solutions page to get started!

A typical DBI customer reduces CPU utilization by 30-90% and improves response times within just a few hours of DBI tools installation! DBI helps worldwide customers achieve remarkable breakthrough results overnight with a ripple effect of measurable bottom line benefits and rapid ROI.

Your host,
Scott Hayes

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