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The DB2Night Show #18: The Top 10 DB2 LUW Mistakes People Make, Klaas Brant

May 7, 2010, 6:28 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
In our 18th show, Klaas Brant, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant and Owner KBCE, Netherlands, shared with us his Top 10 DB2 LUW Mistakes that People Make. I think it was one of our best shows ever! The discussion was lively, and many tips were shared during the conversation! Are you making any of the Top 10 Mistakes? Watch this episode and find out...
To download a recorded replay of Episode #18, right click on the link below and choose "Save As..."
Episode 18, 2010 May 7, The Top 10 DB2 LUW Mistakes that People Make with Klaas Brant, KBCE

During this show, we talked about a SQL Snapshot command that would generate REORG commands for tables that need to be reorganized WITHOUT having to run the REORGCHK utility. Please watch this show replay so that you fully understand the problems with REORGCHK and why this SQL Snapshot may be a much better choice for your organization!

Here is the SQL Snapshot Command:

from sysibmadm.snaptab
where (ROWS_READ > 999)
AND (((OVERFLOW_ACCESSES * 100) / (ROWS_READ + 1) > 3)

You can modify this to run offline REORGS if you prefer. If you do online REORGS, remember to reorganize indexes as a second, separate step. Why did IBM make index REORGS a separate step? Good question.

During the show we also reminded people to REORG some of the DB2 Catalog Tables. We focus on our database tables but often forget basic maintenance to the DB2 Catalog. There are 3 tables in particular that you should pay attention to and REORG as necessary! Watch the show! icon_biggrin

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