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The 2010 Top 20 Downloads of The DB2Night Show

January 5, 2011, 5:09 pm
Posted by Scott in General
The DB2Night Show Logo The DB2Night Show™ is pleased to announce our Top 20 Downloaded Shows for 2010. Rankings are based upon the number of show downloads. Overall, there were 43,893 Episodes downloaded during 2010. This ranking is different from the previous Top 10 Shows by Audience Attendance. We've also announced the DB2's GOT TALENT Contest with nearly $5,000 USD in prizes!
And the Top 20 downloaded shows are...
Admittedly, the shows that aired earlier in the year have an unfair advantage in this ranking because they were available for download longer. Still, shows from 2009 appear in the top ranking and there are some surprise favorites!

The Top 20 Most Highly Downloaded Shows

Click on the show theme to be taken to the Replay for that Episode!
Rank Downloads Episode Theme Guest(s)
#1 4,250 4 DB2 9.8 PureScale Matt Huras, IBM
#2 2,572 9 DB2 LUW Crunching The Numbers Scott Hayes, DBI
#3 2,522 7 SQL Server vs. DB2 LUW Leon Katsnelson, IBM
#4 2,384 8 Managing the DB2 WLM Paul Bird, IBM
#5 2,311 10 DEAR IBM... Q & A with IBM Executives Sal Vella and Tim Vincent, IBM
#6 2,051 1 Top 10 Lists - Our Kickoff Show! Drew Bradstock, IBM, Scott Hayes, DBI, Rebecca Bond, DB2LockSmith
#7 1,720 11 DB2 9.7 Optimizer Updates John Hornibrook, IBM
#8 1,703 5 DB2 SQL Snapshot Party

See also: 2nd Annual DB2 SQL Snapshot Party with Scott Hayes, DBI, with 1,146 downloads.

Chris Eaton, IBM, Scott Hayes, DBI
#9 1,691 2 Comparing Oracle and DB2 LUW + Oracle Enablement Scott Hayes, DBI, Serge Rielau, IBM, Patrick Dantressangle, IBM
#10 1,600 3 High Availability Disaster Recovery BAKE-OFF Dale McInnis, IBM, Arif Kassam, Xkoto
#11 1,563 12 DB2 Information Resources Susan Visser, IBM
#12 1,557 13 DB2 LUW Compression Updates Paul Zikopoulos, IBM
#13 1,372 15 DB2 LUW 9.7 Online Table Moves Ergin Babani, IBM
#14 1,179 18 The Top 10 DB2 LUW Mistakes People Make Klaas Brant, KBCE
#15 1,146 22 Comparing DB2 LUW and Oracle, Architectures and Administration Burt Vialpando, IBM
#16 1,136 14 Crunching the Numbers and DB2 STMM Scott Hayes, DBI
#17 1,025 21 DB2 LUW Locking Mike Winer, IBM
#18 1,023 23 DB2 LUW Storage I/O Optimization Berni Schiefer and Robin Grosman, IBM
#19 961 28 DB2 LUW Range Partition Tables Mike Winer, IBM
#20 929 16 Autonomic Memory & STMM Updates Adam Storm, IBM

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