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The DB2Night Show #41: DB2'S GOT TALENT another success!

February 13, 2011, 1:18 pm
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform
Judge Susan Visser, IBM, wrote a terrific blog about our 2nd contestant search show. Rather than steal her thunder, we suggest you READ HER BLOG! 93% of our studio audience indicated that they learned something that will be helpful to them! Congratulations to Amad and Raja who were selected by our judges to advance to the March finals! We have just a handful of contestant slots open for 18 and 25 February if you're interested in sharing your DB2 knowledge with your peers!

Were you unable to join us in the studio audience? Watch the replay...

To download a recorded replay of Episode #41, right click on the link below and choose "Save As..."
Episode 41, 11 February 2011, DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Search Show #2.

Have an iLife, iDevice, iPod, iPad, or iPhone? Right click and download the M4V ( MP4 ) format!

Thank you to all of our contestants. We appreciate your willingness to share your DB2 knowledge with the DB2 community. The tips and lessons learned were excellent! Here is a recap of today's finalists and their topics:

  • Ahmad, USA, DB2 LUW, High Speed text Search for OLTP using LIKE predicates
  • Raja, India, DB2 LUW, Solving Performance of a Complex query against 87M row table or "A miss is as good as a mile – Performance Tuning Intricacies"

For our studio audience, much to our dismay, once again the survey did not pop up after the show. We've learned from GoToWebinar technical support that this is "an opportunity for improvement" that arises when a Webinar is defined as a repeating event with the same attendees. We did this, of course, so that people would not have to re-register for every show in the series. No worries. We'll figure out another way to collect your feedback and award prizes for attendance.

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Our Shameless Marketing Moment

During today's quick commercial break, DBI asked people to look for DBI's new ad in IBM Data Management Magazine. Our ad is on the inside back cover. Look for instructions on how you can get a new white paper "IBM DB2 LUW Critical Performance Measurements" which provides SQL commands and actionable tuning advice!

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