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The DB2Night Show #44: DB2'S GOT TALENT! Top 10 Seek YOUR Votes!

March 4, 2011, 2:53 pm
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform
This was another great show for learning DB2 tips and techniques! 100% of today's studio audience indicated that they learned something that would be helpful to their jobs!!! Our Top 10 DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists need your votes! Watch the replay, learn helpful DB2 tips, then PLEASE VOTE!

Our Finalists and their Topics

  • JB, Using HADR as a data migration tool with minimal downtime
  • Mary, Successfully using Sequences (versus generated identities)
  • Norberto, Improving Performance with Activate and Deactivate DB
  • Ahmad, Avoiding Query Timeout in OLTP with high speed LIKE search technique
  • Raja, DB2 PureScale Overview
  • John, A cookbook of automation for moving data from DB2 mainframe to LUW with Federation
  • Sameer - Did not present (absent)
  • Thiru, Solving Performance Challenges in 4 Minutes
  • Momi, DB2 Access Path / Plan Stability
  • Bob, Using "Except" versus "Not In" to cut query response time from 18 minutes to 5 seconds
To download a recorded replay of Episode #44, right click on the link below and choose "Save As..."
Episode 44, 04 March 2011, DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round #1.

Have an iLife, iDevice, iPod, iPad, or iPhone? Right click and download the M4V ( MP4 ) format!

If you were in our studio audience, or if you downloaded and watched the replay, PLEASE VOTE for your favorite Contestants here:

We will randomly select a voter to win a $25 electronic gift certificate. Limit one vote per computer. The polls close at 3pm Central on 10 March 2011. The Top 7 Finalists that receive the most votes will compete again on 11 March 2011 (we will eliminate two plus Sameer).

Thank you to all of our finalists! We appreciate your willingness to share your DB2 knowledge with the DB2 community. Be sure to spread the word about this replay, The DB2Night Show, and make sure your friends and business contacts vote!

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