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The DB2Night Show #47: "Best DB2 Advice" on DB2's GOT TALENT!

March 25, 2011, 11:54 am
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform
This was another great show for learning DB2 tips and techniques! Our Top 5 Finalists shared their "Best Advice: Things DB2 People Need to Know" 100% of today's studio audience indicated that they learned something that would be helpful to their jobs!!! Our remaining Top 4 DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists need your votes! Watch the replay, learn helpful DB2 tips, then PLEASE VOTE!

Our Top 5 Finalists and their Topics

  • Mary, Green Eggs and Ham and the DB2 LOAD Utility
  • Norberto, From DBA to DBA: Tips to make your life easier
  • JB, DB2 Concurrent I/O - Best Practices
  • Thiru, "DATA" and the db2cat command
  • Momi, Pressure Makes Diamonds (and Practice makes Perfect)

Our Top 3 Finalists that received the most votes were "safe". Thiru and Mary were amongst the bottom 2 in votes received, and, after seeing their presentations, our judges decided to "save" Thiru. To Mary, thank you for sharing your DB2 knowledge with the DB2 community. Your presentations were absolutely delightful and very informative.

Today's 25 March Finals Round 4 will determine our contest winners. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced during our 8 April 2011 ALL ABOUT IDUG show. Make sure you REGISTER and attend - there's a rumor going around that possibly EVERY attendee will win something!


Congratulations to Noa Lubianiker! Noa voted in the 18 March 2011 DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round 3 and was randomly selected (live on the air! ) to win a $25 Gift Certificate! Watching the Replay and Voting can be REWARDING! icon_wink

Watch the Replay

To download a recorded replay of Episode #47, right click on the link below and choose "Save As..."
Episode 47, 25 March 2011, DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round #4.

Have an iLife, iDevice, iPod, iPad, or iPhone? Right click and download the M4V ( MP4 ) format!

Vote for your favorite finalists!

If you were in our studio audience, or if you downloaded and watched the replay, PLEASE VOTE for your favorite Contestants here:

We will randomly select a voter to win a $25 electronic gift certificate. Limit one vote per computer. The polls close at 3pm Central on 7 April 2011. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be determined by YOUR VOTES!

Thank you to all of our finalists! We appreciate your willingness to share your DB2 knowledge with the DB2 community. Be sure to spread the word about this replay, The DB2Night Show, and make sure your friends and business contacts vote!

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DBI's Shameless Marketing Moment

During today's quick commercial break, DBI demonstrated Brother-Panther® and showed how easy it is to obtain historical performance trend charts. JB discussed Concurrent I/O, and DBI showed how tablespace I/O times can be graphed over time to verify and validate performance benefit or degradation from using Concurrent I/O. Brother-Panther has the ability to graph database trends, partition trends, bufferpool trends, tablespace trends, table trends, and even trends for individual unique SQL statements!

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