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The DB2Night Show #Z05: DB2 10 with John Campbell, IBM

June 7, 2011, 1:59 pm
Posted by klaas in DB2 z/OS

Special guest John Campbell, Distinguished Engineer, IBM DB2 SVL Lab

How much storage does DB2 10 need? How CPU gain should I expect in DB2 10 CM? What if I move to DB2 10 but don't rebind?

In episode #Z05, special guest John Campbell, a distinguished Engineer of the IBM SVL Lab, is telling us all about DB2 10 for z/OS Planning & Very Early Experiences. John has worked with many of the DB2 users who have moved moved to DB2 10 already. He is probably the most aware person about DB2 migration benefits and problems. Watch episode #Z05 and get some free education on DB2 10 migration and what to expect from the new release based on user experiences.

Show Host Klaas Brant Commentary

I have no idea what was wrong on Monday, but for me it was a disaster day. Maybe the stars were aligned incorrect, or my biorhythm was off-scale but nothing seemed to work. To make things worse GoToWebinar had a new release over the weekend and suddenly many people complained that they had audio but no visual. I can tell you, that made me really nervous and because of that this show was not my best. Luckily my presenter, John Campbell has perfect presentation skills. I hope you did not see all the bloopers I made :-o

Now about the major part of the show, planning for a new DB2 release is not always easy, it takes time. You want to do thing right because there is too much at stake. Gathering the right information isn't always easy. You would think that internet is big help but sometimes you just pick-up old and obsolete information or even just rumors. Here at the DB2Night Show we try to give you the most accurate and up-to-date info available. So we thought it would be nice to have the expert on this topic: John Campbell

John Campbell is an engineer from the lab who is closely involved with customers who move to the new release. He works with early adopters of a new release to make sure they get the best support from IBM. In today's show he is telling us about everything you should know when you are planning for a DB2 10 migration. And for the people who are planning a skip migration, John has some extra advice for you.

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Episode Z05, 6 June 2011, DB2 10 for z/OS Planning & Very Early Experiences with guest John Campbell

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