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The DB2Night Show #Z06: DB2 10 Tablespaces and Migration

June 13, 2011, 4:53 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 z/OS

Special guest Susan Lawson, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant, YL&A

What new tablespaces and options are available for DB2 z/OS V10?

In episode #Z06, special guest Susan Lawson, an IBM DB2 Gold Consultant and Owner Yevich Lawson & Associates, shared with us information about new tablespaces in DB2 z/OS V10, options, considerations, and some best practices. Remarkably, Susan offered all this free education from her hotel room in Croatia that overlooked the beach! What a sacrifice! 99% of our studio audience learned something! What did you miss? Watch the replay and find out!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Klaas had a family emergency, so I hosted this show in his absence. Susan has been a peer and a friend for a long time, and I found it refreshing to learn about DB2 for z/OS since I haven't worked with DB2 mainframe since about V4. I am thankful for everyone who is attending our DB2 z/OS shows in our studio audience - this gives me positive energy and I know it motivates our guests too. When Susan was having trouble connecting to the internet for this show, she almost gave up - but, when I told her the audience would be larger than an IDUG conference keynote session, her determination increased and she stayed with us instead of going to the beach with her friends! SO - thank you for being in our studio audiences! We appreciate you!

And, did you know, since starting The DB2Night Show in September of 2009, that we have never canceled a show? We respect and value your time.

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Episode Z06, 13 June 2011, DB2 10 Tablespaces with guest Susan Lawson

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