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The DB2Night Show #Z07: Top DB2 e-Communities, Blogs and networking tools

June 27, 2011, 9:55 am
Posted by klaas in Cross Platform

Three special guests: Surekha Parekh, Susan Visser and Willie Favero, all IBM

Where to find the latest and greatest about DB2 for z/OS?

In episode #Z07, special guests Surekha Parekh (DB2 for z/OS Marketing Manager), Susan Visser (Program Manager IBM Publishing), and Willie Favero (Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Technician, DB2 Enthusiast, and DB2 SME) show us the wonderful world of e-communities and blogs. Want to know where to find all the blogs, conferences, tweets, and groups to join? Learn from the experts who create them! As Always, 99% of our studio audience learned something! What did you miss? Watch the replay and find out!

Show Host Klaas Brant Commentary

Today's episode is packed with lots of URLs to websites: Blogs, DB2 e-communities, tweets, YouTube, etc, etc. And, unfortunately, today's episode won't go into the books as one of the best when it comes to quality. We had a lot of audio problems and some echo. It all worked fine before we went live and then suddenly... I'm sorry. I still hope you enjoyed it.

I know many of you ask for a copy of the slides, and, as you can read in FAQ #2, it is rare that we can make PDFs available because of the need to protect the intellectual property of our guests. However, the good news is that Susan Visser and Willie Favero said they would blog about today's episode and put the slides on the web. So check out Susan Visser's blog and Willie Favero's blog for more information.

As always we have a gift card winner. Because our next show is a couple of months away, we are announcing the winner of today's show here: Scott Tinsley from UPS. Congratulations Scott!

Today's show is the last of season #2 and we are taking a summer break. When I evaluate the first seven shows we produced around DB2 for z/OS themes, it has been fun and we all learned a lot. But, as usual, there is room for improvement. Although the format of the show is free format and because it is live, we can have unexpected things happening. I personally think that the overall quality level should go up - So this is my target for season #3!

Last but not least: If you are going on vacation in the next few months then I hope that you have a GREAT vacation! Scott and I are working behind the scenes already on some shows. I hope to see you all back in September for next season The DB2Night Show both for LUW and z/OS.

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Episode Z07, 27 June 2011, Top DB2 e-Communities, Blogs and networking tools that will enhance your DB2 skills

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