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40 Hours of #FREE #DB2 Education! Index of DB2Night Show Replays

July 8, 2011, 1:28 pm
Posted by Scott in General
Looking to improve your DB2 skills and expertise this summer? During Season #2 of The DB2Night Show™, we provided over 40 hours of free DB2 education to the DB2 communities. We gave away over $3,000 in prizes. This blog post contains an index of all Season #2 shows. Bookmark it, and start feeding your brain!

Thank you to all of our guests and sponsors. Your contributions to The DB2Night Show have helped grow the DB2 community!


DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Shows

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Show Date Episode # Show Theme and Link
2010-08-06 24 DB2 LUW Oracle and Sybase Enablements
2010-08-13 25 Comparing DB2 LUW & Oracle Autonomics
2010-08-23 26 DB2 in the Cloud - Tech Details - Part 1
2010-08-27 27 DB2 in the Cloud - Tech Details - Part 2
2010-09-10 28 DB2 LUW Range Partition Tables, Mike Winer, IBM STSM
2010-09-24 29 DB2 LUW High Availability and Recovery Planning
2010-10-01 30 The Las Vegas Approach to DB2 LUW Security!
2010-10-02 SE The DB2Night Show Special Edition: DB2 LUW Challenges, Solutions, and Tips
2010-10-11 31 Valuable SQL Lessons Learned with Sheryl Larsen (Cross Platform)
2010-10-15 32 SAP on DB2 LUW - Lessons Learned with Martin Hubel
2010-11-05 33 2nd Annual SQL Snapshot Potluck Party with Scott Hayes
2010-11-19 34 What's NEW and COOL with DB2 and FREE TOOLS!
2010-12-03 35 One Company's Journey into The Cloud
2010-12-17 36 Comparing Database High Availability Solutions with Klaas Brant
2011-01-14 37 DB2 LUW MDC Tables - Tech Details with IBM Guests
2011-01-21 38 DB2 LUW MDC Tables in the Real World
2011-01-28 39 TOP DB2 LUW Support Issues with Triton Consulting
2011-02-04 40 DB2'S GOT TALENT - Contestant Search 1
2011-02-11 41 DB2'S GOT TALENT - Contestant Search 2
2011-02-18 42 DB2'S GOT TALENT - Contestant Search 3
2011-02-25 43 DB2'S GOT TALENT - Contestant Search 4
2011-03-04 44 DB2'S GOT TALENT - Top 10 Finalists Compete for Votes! Round 1.
2011-03-11 45 DB2'S GOT TALENT - Top 7 Finalists Compete for Votes! Round 2.
2011-03-18 46 Personal DB2 Success Stories on DB2's GOT TALENT! Round 3.
2011-03-25 47 "Best DB2 Advice" on DB2's GOT TALENT! Final Round 4.
2011-04-08 48 All About IDUG and DB2's GOT TALENT Winners
2011-04-15 49 DB2 LUW Workload Manager - What, Why, How, Tips ...
2011-04-21 50 Put on the Boxing Gloves, DB2 LUW vs Oracle, Part 1
2011-04-28 51 Put on the Boxing Gloves, DB2 LUW vs Oracle, Part 2
2011-05-13 52 Writing Optimized DB2 LUW SQL Queries with John Hornibrook, IBM
2011-05-20 53 Achieving DB2 LUW Access Plan Stability with John Hornibrook, IBM
2011-06-03 54 DB2 LUW Data Movement Utilities & Oracle Comparisons
2011-06-19 55 DB2 LUW Multi-temperature Data Management
2011-06-27 56 DB2 LUW Data Warehouse Tuning Tips and Best Practices



DB2 for z/OS Shows


Show Date Episode # Show Theme and Link
2011-04-25 Z01 The history of DB2 for z/OS with Roger Miller
2011-05-09 Z02 DB2 Now and into the Future
2011-05-16 Z03 DB2 10 Performance with Cristian Molaro, Redbook Author
Thank You!   SoftBase Systems, Inc. for sponsoring Episodes Z05, Z06, and Z07.
2011-06-07 Z05 DB2 10 for z/OS Planning & Very Early Experiences, John Campbell, IBM DE
2011-06-13 Z06 DB2 10 Tablespaces and Migration, Susan Lawson, YL&A
2011-06-27 Z07 Top DB2 e-Communities, Blogs and networking tools with Susan Visser, Willie Favero, and Surekha Parekh

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