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The DB2Night Show #59: DB2 LUW Index Design, Myths, Realities, and Magic

September 30, 2011, 1:55 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
96% of our studio audience indicated they learned something! Our special guest was Martin Hubel, Owner MHC, an IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant, and IBM Information Management Champion. Martin claims to have put THREE children through college by fixing index designs. In Episode #59, you can learn Martin's secrets and advice, and score some very helpful SQL commands to aid your own analysis! Watch and learn...

Host Commentary

If you don't know Martin Hubel, then you haven't been working in the DB2 world for very long. Martin is world famous, known for great presentations at IDUG, and he served the DB2 community as an IDUG volunteer for many years.

What you probably don't know is that Martin is my mentor and friend. In 1998, I was at an IDUG conference talking about "At 200GB Every Mistake is a BIG One!". Martin said to me "That was a great presentation - you're probably ahead of the bell curve in DB2 LUW performance expertise - you should be a consultant like me." I said, "I don't know how to be a consultant." Martin quipped, "It's easy. First thing you need to know is how to buy beer. Go buy me a beer and I'll teach you!" And, on the heels of his sage advice, my consulting career and first company was born.

So, let me shoot you straight. When Martin speaks, listen carefully. It's good for your skills and career.

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A message from today's show sponsor

During today's quick commercial break, DBI used Brother-Panther® to demonstrate and embellish some of the important index advice that Martin was sharing. More specifically, what you'll see:

  • Using Brother-Panther to analyze table performance of the IBM OPM PERFDB database
  • Identifying a table with high write I/O (the table where OPM stores captured dynamic SQL)
  • In one mouse click, identifying the SQL driving the I/O to that table
  • The high cost of INSERTS to the table because of the index design
  • Explain Analysis which revealed that this highly written to table suffers from LOW CARDINALITY indexes (three) and, exacerbating matters, REDUNDANT LOW CARDINALITY indexes!
  • If you have had trouble with the high overhead of IBM OPM, had trouble getting it to scale to multiple databases, or had trouble monitoring high volume OLTP databases - maybe now you might be starting to understand why!

Please watch our short 2 minute 26 second video. Click Play. Thanks!

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Episode 59, 30 September 2011, DB2 LUW INDEX Design, Myths, Realities, and Magic with guest Martin Hubel.

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