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The DB2Night Show #Z11: First Look at Changes to DSNZPARMs by DB2 10

October 7, 2011, 3:32 am
Posted by klaas in DB2 z/OS

Special Guest: Willie Favero, IBM, USA

Willie: "My presentations are like water, give me a space and I fill it..."

In episode #Z11 our special guest Willie Favero (IBM Senior Certified Consulting IT Software Specialist) teaches you what has changed in DSNZPARM's coming from DB2 V8 or DB2 9. A 90 minute high tech talk from one of the best known IBM Software Specialists.

Show Host Klaas Brant Commentary

After some start-up problems (the download starts with the polls) Willie Favero gives you a complete overview of what has changed in DSNZPARMs. Next to this he explains what regular, opaque and hidden DSNZPARMs are. At the end of the show Willie talks about his favorite DSNZPARMs and what their setting should be. As always Willie is a great presenter and this show is a must see for all system programmers planning to move to V10!

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Episode Z11, 6 October 2011, First Look at Changes to DSNZPARMs by DB2 10

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