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The DB2Night Show #60: Using DB2DART with guest Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton

October 14, 2011, 4:54 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
100% of our studio audience indicated they learned something! Our special guest was Iqbal Goralwalla, Principal Consultant, Triton Consulting, and IBM Information Management Champion. Iqbal shared with us his top tips for using DB2DART to achieve storage reclamation, address index corruption, extract data, and remove backup pending status. Watch and learn...

Host Commentary

Iqbal is a great guy - very smart and highly committed to DB2, Triton, and the customers he serves. Remarkably, the rest of the story, Iqbal made a heroic effort to be our guest today under the face of adversity. What you probably didn't realize is that Iqbal just recently underwent a bit of oral surgery, yet he still joined us today and gave a great presentation! Look for Iqbal at IDUG EMEA in Prague and extend your hand in friendship - this is a guy you want to be friends with! Learn more about Iqbal.

During the show a question came up regarding auditing of DB2DART. Iqbal subsequently provided this answer: Using DB2DART requires SYSADM privilege, and SYSADM actions can be audited by the DB2 audit facility.

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Episode 60, 14 October 2011, DB2DART with guest Iqbal Goralwalla.

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