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The DB2Night Show #Z12: Data Warehousing Perf. & DB2 10 Temporal Tables

October 17, 2011, 10:47 am
Posted by klaas in DB2 z/OS

Special Guest: Dave Beulke, CEO of Pragmatic Solutions, Inc.,USA

In episode #Z12 our special guest Dave Beulke (CEO Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. / IBM GOLD Consultant / IBM Champion ) shared a lot of his DB2 Data Warehousing tips and Tricks. Dave works with large enterprises to optimize their Data Warehouse. In this session he will explain what he does to make sure Data Warehouses of many billion row can perform well in DB2.

Show Host Klaas Brant Commentary

You will hear in the replay that Dave's microphone was giving him trouble, but despite the bad audio quality you can still hear what he is saying. Dave is a real expert on the Data Warehousing topic and you can learn some valuable lessons from him. In the Z12 show Dave presents rule of thumb information about IO, CPU and parallel streams. He does explain the added value of temporal data. Finally he will reveal the secret for successful warehousing: MQT Tables! Are you into Data Warehousing? Then this session is a golden nugget.

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Episode #Z12, 17 October 2011, Data Warehousing Performance and DB2 10 Temporal Tables

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