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The DB2Night Show #Z13: (Almost) Live from IBM IOD 2011

October 28, 2011, 4:10 pm
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform
90% of our studio audience learned something! During this unique show, we gathered up IBM representatives and IBM DB2 GOLD consultants and had them share their perspectives on the IBM Information on Demand 2011 conference. What's new? What's exciting? Did you miss this show? Were you unable to attend IBM IOD? Watch the replay and find out what you missed...

Host Commentary

We had a nice informal and insightful chat with with Martin Hubel, Klaas Brant, Richard Winter, Chris Eaton from IBM, and others. All that was missing was a camp fire and a song leader.

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Episode #Z13, 28 October 2011, (Almost) Live from IBM Information on Demand 2011!.

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