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The DB2Night Show #65: Query Performance - The Missing Link in IT

December 9, 2011, 12:48 pm
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform

Special Guest: Curt Triplett, Independent Database Consultant
DBG Software, LLC

In episode #65, our special guest Curt Triplett shared with us his methodology and process for tackling tough query performance issues. The information shared is universally applicable to all relational databases including our favorites: DB2 for LUW and DB2 for z/OS. 83% of our studio audience indicated that they learned something! WHAT DID YOU MISS?? Watch the replay...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

I've known Curt for a few years. He is one of the smartest Oracle database tuners that I know, and I know he works with DB2 clients as well. I have referred people to Curt for tuning assistance, and 100% have been pleased. I like the methodology that Curt presents in today's show. I also like that DBI's performance tools for IBM DB2 LUW fully automate the methodology that he describes.

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A message from today's show sponsor

During today's quick commercial break, DBI provided a very short demonstration of Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW. We showed how costly SQL for any applications or users can be rapidly and accurately identified, and then how that SQL can be quickly improved. From identification of issues, to isolation of root cause problems, to creating a quality solution that delivers results, DBI gets the job done in five mouse clicks or less. For a comprehensive list of Brother-Panther's industry leading features, visit our DB2 Tools Comparison.

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Episode #65, 9 December 2011, Query Performance - The Missing Link in your IT Organization with Curt Triplett

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