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The DB2Night Show #Z20: Data Skew and Real World Performance Solutions

January 24, 2012, 12:39 am
Posted by Scott in DB2 z/OS

Special Guest: Cristian Molaro
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant

Expert Advice and Solid Solutions
Replays available in WMV and M4V formats!

98% of our audience learned something! Our special guest, Christian Molaro, DB2 Independent Specialist, shared with our audience the perils of Data Skew and provided solid, workable performance solutions. What did you miss? Watch the replay...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Cristian taught an old dog some new tricks today. I cut my teeth on DB2 mainframe from V1.2 to V4.1, and it was fun to refresh my memory on DB2 z/OS. Seems like we've been struggling with the same challenges since the beginning of DB2 time, only now in more recent versions of DB2 z/OS and LUW we have better analysis capabilities and solutions at hand. 98% of our live audience learned something, so I am certain that Cristian presented some very useful information and ideas.

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Episode #Z20, 23 January 2012, DB2 Data Skew and Real World Performance Solutions with guest Cristian Molaro

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