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The DB2Night Show #71: DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Auditions 3

February 17, 2012, 12:38 pm
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform

Congratulations Rodolfo and Kingo!
Another Buffet of DB2 Tips and Advice

Replays available in WMV and M4V formats!

At GOLD's Gym, there is a sign on the front door that reads "The hardest part is simply showing up." We were supposed to have seven contestants today. One had audio problems and three didn't show up. Of the three that showed up and presented, our judges chose two finalists. While it wasn't our best show, 75% of our studio audience indicated they learned something. There are some good tips...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Today's contestants included:

  • Rodolfo, DB2 z/OS, Technique for resetting the LOG RBA
  • Kingo, DB2 z/OS, using a Hybrid database environment including DB2 z/OS and Oracle
  • Faheem, DB2 LUW, physical database and storage design for improving performance

On 24 February, we will have our final contestant auditions show and the topics look very good:

  • Online index REORG in LUW
  • Testing your recovery strategy
  • How DBA’s can use DB2 LUW workload manager (WLM) features to use both role based and cost based techniques
  • How to debug a high CPU spike issue on a system
  • Technique for applying DB2 table structure changes and application code changes concurrently while still providing true 24x7 availability
  • Virtual Indexes
  • Tips on using the LOAD command on DB2 LUW: performance considerations, comparisons and alternatives
We hope to see you in our studio audience!

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Episode #71, 17 February 2012, DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Auditions #3

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