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Episode #74: DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round #2! Watch, Learn, and VOTE!

March 16, 2012, 11:30 am
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform

Thank you Top 10 Finalists!
Another Buffet of DB2 LUW and z/OS Tips and Advice

Replays available in WMV and M4V formats!

96% of our audience learned something! Our Top 10 Finalists need YOUR votes! Their futures and BIG prizes depend on impressing YOU with their sage advice and presentation skills! Watch the replay, learn valuable DB2 LUW and z/OS tips and techniques, and then cast your votes for the finalists that impressed you the most!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Thank you to all our finalists for sharing your DB2 knowledge with the DB2 Community. Unfortunately, Richard was not able to join us due to work conflicts. Nine Finalists offered up terrific presentations packed with DB2 tips and advice about DB2 commands. Our judges saved Rodolfo, and Richard, Yonghang, and Kingo have been eliminated. On March 30th, our seven remaining finalists will have six minutes each to earn audience votes.

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By watching this replay, here is what you will learn about:

Finalist DB2 Platform Topic
Douglas LUW Using CLP Plus to get nicely formatted reports
Yonghang LUW db2cos and related commands
Kohli LUW Tips and advice for using the db2look command
Elder LUW Using the db2top command, batch analysis, and tips
Rodolfo z/OS Discovering the DETAIL option in DISPLAY commands
Kingo z/OS DB2 for z/OS Access path verification by REBIND command
Brian LUW db2pd "Top 10" most useful options
Ember LUW db2caem: The Untold Story
Jean Xplatform Dynamically Generating Scripts and Control Cards

Do you read Judge Susan Visser's blogs? If not, you should! CLICK HERE to discover what Susan has written about DB2's GOT TALENT and find other timely information about DB2. Susan was on vacation today, so we'll look for her blog about this show in a few days after she watches the replays!

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  • 1st Place Prize: Free Badge to any 2012 IDUG Conference, sponsored by IDUG
  • 1st Place Prize: Up to $1,500 USD travel money for travel expenses to the IDUG conference, sponsored by DBI Software
  • 2nd Place Prize: A free badge to attend the DB2 Symposium, sponsored by KBCE
  • 2nd Place Prize: Up to $1,000 USD travel money for travel expenses to the DB2 Symposium, sponsored by HLS Technologies
  • 3rd Place Prize: An Apple iPad, sponsored by Responsive Systems
  • Top 10 Finalist Prizes: $50 gift certificates sponsored by Triton Consulting

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During today's quick commercial break, a DBI customer "Bill" talked about his experiences using the DBI tools in his organization. By using DBI, his team was able to determine that performance issues were not DB2's fault, and that, in fact, query response times were actually quite good.

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Episode #74, 16 March 2012, DB2's GOT TALENT Finals Round #2

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