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The DB2Night Show #100: DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Search #2

February 8, 2013, 3:55 pm
Posted by Scott in Cross Platform

Special Guests: Worldwide Contestants!

Tips from Adam, Chris, Renu, Juliano, and Sanjay!

90% of our studio audience learned something! Today's contestants talked about SSD performance impacts, automating DB2 backups and log management, improving LOAD and SQL performance, tips for deleting large numbers of rows, and DB2 z/OS V9/10 Plan Management Options. Watch our replay for details...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

We are still looking for one or two more contestants for 15 FEB 2013. We've decided that on 22 FEB 2013 our host and judges (Scott, Martin, Susan, and Klaas) will each offer 10 minute presentations and then we'll let our studio audience vote for their favorites! Should be fun and certainly informative!

Despite our difficulty finding contestants this year, I remain convinced that DB2's GOT TALENT is absolutely the funnest, coolest, most enjoyable way to learn about DB2. Our brains learn best from short bursts of useful information, and our contestant advice is delivered in short 4-5 minute segments. 90% of today's audience indicated that they learned something valuable to them.

Our judges selected Chris, Renu, Juliano, and Sanjay to advance to the finals. Adam was selected as an alternate finalist that we will call upon if needed, depending on the number of contestants that we have on February 15th. So far we have six finalists, two alternates, and five contestants on deck for 15 FEB.

Due to GoToWebinar® limitations for repeating webinars, we need to offer our post-show audience survey via Survey Monkey. We welcome both our live studio audience and replay viewers to complete this survey for a chance to win our $25 gift certificate drawing. For convenience, the survey is embedded below, at the bottom of this replay blog.

Episode #99 Survey Winner

Congratulations to Sreeharsha Naik. During today's show, judge Martin Hubel chose a random number that corresponded to your completed survey! Thank you for completing the survey for Episode #99 DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Search #1.


We need more contestants! This series of webinars on The DB2Night Show™ is absolutely the most fun and interesting way to learn tips, techniques, and advice on DB2 for LUW and DB2 for z/OS. Even if being a contestant isn't your "thing," make sure you REGISTER to attend the shows in February and March.

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