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The DB2Night Show #113: DB2 Customer Success Story from a REAL DB2 customer

June 28, 2013, 2:04 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Kshitij Kohli, Church Mutual Insurance

Special Guest: Kshitij Kohli, Sr. DBA, Church Mutual Insurance Company

DB2 Customer Success Story - Implementing a NEW DB2 LUW Application

100% of our studio audience learned something! During this episode of The DB2Night Show™, "Kohli", Sr. DBA at Church Mutual and 2012 DB2's GOT TALENT Winner, shared with us several valuable tips and techniques for achieving GREAT performance from DB2! How can you get fast index access from a LIKE %string% predicate? How can you tune your I/O subsystem? How can you measure performance and make the case for safely and successfully upgrading to a new DB2 release or version? Watch and learn...

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During DBI's quick commercial break, we showed how DBI makes it easy to compare database and SQL workload performance between any two timeframes so that you can accurately ascertain the impacts of changes, fix packs, or new releases. Kohli explained how he used this capability to convince management that they could safely and successfully upgrade to DB2 10. Don't miss a minute of this replay!

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Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

I'm very proud of Kohli. It's been my pleasure and privilege to mentor him since the fall of 2011. Kohli is incredibly smart, good natured, and he has a big heart. He has volunteered his time to charities and generously shared what he has learned about DB2 with the DB2 community via IDUG presentations and The DB2Night Show. If you're a single woman, I'm sorry to report to you that you'll have to look elsewhere as Kohli got engaged just a few weeks ago to a very nice young lady. Kohli, I salute you and all that you've achieved!

I hope everyone will take advantage of the "Mail This" link at the bottom and share this replay with your friends and peers. The tips and advice that Kohli offered were, IMHO, priceless to any DB2 professional.

Kohli can be reached on Twitter at @kohli83.

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