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The DB2Night Show #117: Feelin' BLU - The HOTTEST IBM DB2 BLU video ever!

October 19, 2013, 12:38 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Scott Hayes' Laptop in Refrigerator
IBM BLU is so HOT that the replay videos had to be rendered in Scott's refrigerator to prevent his laptop from overheating!

Special Guests: Scott Hayes, DBI, and Randall Ibbott, QBE

Feelin' BLU - Beyond the Marketing Hype
DB2 Users Test Drive BLU!

95% of our studio audience learned something! During this episode of The DB2Night Show™, we skipped the marketing BLAH BLAH BLAH and real IBM DB2 BLU users shared their performance science projects and experiences! Watch and learn...

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Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Despite testing in advance, we had some technical audio difficulties with sharing Randall Ibbott's EXCELLENT IDUG AP Melbourne presentation on his BLU evaluation. The live show included Scott's presentation materials on his BLU tests plus bonus feedback from another BLU evaluator - "Charles in France". The replay video that you are about to thoroughly enjoy has been edited to incorporate Randall's presentation and I'm pleased to report that the audio quality is good!

What you'll learn about IBM BLU

Unicode databases required. INTRA_PARALLEL YES required. Repeatable Read (RR) Isolation not supported. Comparing ORGANIZE by ROW and ORGANIZE by COLUMN performance, side by side, on the SAME servers. SAVECOUNT on LOAD is not supported, so "LOAD and PRAY." RUNSTATS observations. LOAD performance. COMPRESSION results. Use BLU for Analytics queries, not OLTP. Some Queries run faster, some don't. HARDWARE recommendations. Individual results will vary. You must test!


This was our first attempt to have a "virtual" guest appear via pre-recorded video. It should have worked splendidly well, except bloody Microsoft Windows decided to download 28 or so updates during the show, and the anti-virus software was compelled to do a system scan. Murphy's Law strikes again. The good news is that the replay includes Randall's EXCELLENT presentation on his BLU testing.

The rest of the story. Editing the replay video was no easy feat, though it should have been. Start with the show replay, cut out the bit where we struggled with Randall's piece, insert Randall's video, and then render the video. Initially I used Camtasia Studio. The editing was easy, but rendering the video would just "hang". I abandoned that effort, and used AVS4YOU video editor instead. Editing was even easier. Rendering, however, is so CPU intensive that my laptop overheated and shutdown/crashed without warning. TWICE. On my third attempt to render the video, I set the Processor Affinity of the AVS process to only 4 of my 8 CPUs, then I put the laptop into the refrigerator. Success! However, due to the fine print and excellent performance numbers in Randall's presentation, this replay had to be rendered multiple times at various high resolutions. There are three replay links instead of our usual two, and the WMV video, rendered in HD, is 4X larger (about 430MB) than our usual WMV. Meanwhile, I confess I enjoyed the beer that was evicted from the refrigerator to make room for the laptop. What a day!

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WMV HD Format - approximately 433MB

To download a recorded replay of Episode #117 in WMV HD format, right click on the link below and choose "Save As..."
Episode #117, 18 October 2013, Feelin' BLU with Scott Hayes, DBI, and Randall Ibbott, QBE

MOV - Quicktime Format - High Resolution

Have Quick Time player? This replay option offers high quality resolution at roughly 131MB. Right click and download the QT ( MOV ) format! 21 OCT 2013 11am CDT Update: This is a new format for us. One user has let us know they have audio problems. We are checking. If you have trouble with a replay, let us know at @db2nightshow. 11:08am CDT Update: Audio works for us!

MP4 Format - standard resolution - 123MB

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