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The DB2Night Show #124: DB2's GOT TALENT Kickoff!

February 7, 2014, 4:15 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW

Today's Finalist Winners: Robert, Saurabh, and Mariana

It's the DB2 Olympics!

95% of our studio audience learned something! Today's presentations were fantastic! Ember Crooks was a substitute judge for Klaas Brant. USA, Brazil, and India competed! You can learn about DB CFG CPUSPEED, a solution for purging 1.1TB of data, and get advice on automating DBA tasks. This show contains a buffet of DB2 tips and advice! Watch this replay, learn good advice from your DB2 community peers, then complete our survey for your chance to win a $25 gift card!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Murphy's Law was flirting with us today. We got off to a bumpy start with one contestant not showing up and another having technical difficulties, but, like always, we persevered and made the best of it! This year's contestants might be our best ever - people are watching replays from prior years and coming prepared with very good presentations! And, today no one "got ducked" - everyone stayed within the four minute time limit! IMPRESSIVE!

Survey and Voting

Due to GoToWebinar® limitations for repeating webinars, we need to offer our post-show audience survey via Survey Monkey. We welcome both our live studio audience and replay viewers to complete this survey to vote and for a chance to win our $25 gift certificate drawing. For convenience, the survey is embedded below, at the bottom of this replay blog. After you complete the survey, it will close automatically. Only one entry per IP address is allowed.

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Congratulations to Michael Haddon at HMS in Irving, Texas! You've won a $25 gift card! Thank you for completing the survey after show #123 on 75 Ways to Save I/O and 25 Ways to Save CPU!

To all of our winners - please be patient on these gift cards. We issue them every four to five or so shows because bulk gift card orders save time.

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Episode #124, 7 February 2014, DB2's GOT TALENT Contestant Search #1!
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