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The DB2Night Show #130: DB2's GOT TALENT Top 7 Finalists Compete!

March 21, 2014, 2:00 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW

Top 7 Finalists Compete for YOUR votes!

It's Day 7 of the DB2 Olympics!

100% of our audience learned something! The DB2's GOT TALENT March Finalist shows are amazing! You can learn from and enjoy great presentations by rising stars in our DB2 community! Watch this replay, learn good advice from your peers, then VOTE for your chance to win a $25 gift card!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

This just might be the most fun and informative show we've ever had! Don't miss a minute of it! I am proud of all of our contestants and finalists! You are all heroes for helping to grow the DB2 community! 100% of our studio audience learned something! And, even our judges all confessed to having learned some new things!

It's in the rules that we can change the rules, so we did! Today we allowed our judges to save TWO Finalists instead of just one. They saved Ian and Ken, so we'll have six amazing presenters on our GRAND FINALE show 28th March. Have you registered yet?

We will use DB2 community voting to determine our Top 3 "safe" Finalists. Of the bottom 3 finalists, our judges will have discretion to "save" up to 2 finalists. On or after March 28th, the DB2 community will choose from the remaining finalists to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

@ember_crooks continues to do an AWESOME job of blogging about DB2's GOT TALENT 2014 at and I'm very thankful for all of the details she is providing! I think I'll buy her some beverages at IDUG - water is her favorite, and you've got to drink a lot of it in Phoenix to stay hydrated.

Top 7 Finalists and their Topics

Here's a quick list covering what you can learn about from today's show. It's the end of the contest for Raja - he didn't get enough votes to be in our Top 4 and our judges did not "save" him for our March 28th show. Therefore, you will be voting for 6 finalists today.
  1. Ian, DB2 LUW - I KYSS YOU (Keep Your Storage Simple) - learn AIX commands and I/O parallelism!
  2. Ken, DB2 LUW - "Storage Wars:  Behind the Iron Curtain or Dance of the 7 veils"
  3. Raja, DB2 LUW - BLU defies Gravity!
  4. Mariana, DB2 LUW - BLU Acceleration and storage advantages
  5. Prasad, DB2 LUW - Multi-Temperature Storage Management
  6. Saurabh, DB2 LUW - The db2relocatedb Tool
  7. Michael, DB2 LUW - Automatic Storage (AST): Tips and Tricks

When voting for your favorites, please consider the technical value and professionalism of the presentations. Also consider comments from our esteemed judges. Not only are we sharing great DB2 advice via this contest, but we are also nurturing future great presenters and leaders within our DB2 community! You must vote for at least two finalists, but you can, and should, vote for more if you would like to see these professionals advance through the contest!


DBI Software and The DB2Night Show are proud to announce a special discount code that you can use to get 10% off your IDUG NA Phoenix registration: DB2GotTalent14. This code saves you $200 and matches the price for organizations sending three or more people! Any questions? icon_biggrin

Survey and Voting

Due to GoToWebinar® limitations for repeating webinars, we need to offer our post-show audience survey and finalist voting via Survey Monkey. We welcome both our live studio audience and replay viewers to complete this survey to vote and for a chance to win our $25 gift certificate drawing. For convenience, the survey is embedded below, at the bottom of this replay blog. Only one entry per computer is allowed. Voting ends 27 March 2014 at 10pm CDT.


Matthew Devlin at Metlife voted for our finalists after our 14th March 2014 show! Judge Martin Hubel randomly picked voter #231 and you've won a $25 gift certificate! We'll get this sent out within the next few weeks! THANK YOU FOR VOTING!!!

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Episode #130, 21 March 2014, DB2's GOT TALENT Finalists Compete #3!
If you have trouble playing this WMV on your computer, please try the MP4 video below instead.

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Complete the Show Survey and VOTE for your favorite Finalists!

Our surviving Top 6 Finalists need YOUR votes to advance through the finals rounds! You must vote for two or more finalists. Refer to the presentation summary above to help your memory.

If you don't see a survey below, then SurveyMonkey has determined that your computer has already voted. Remember to complete all questions accordingly. Name, Company, Country, Email, and Phone are required contact information to mitigate risk of voting irregularities. If you win the $25 drawing, we may call you to verify your email address.

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