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The DB2Night Show #135: DB2 DPF Challenges, Solutions, and Successes

May 26, 2014, 10:17 am
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Pavan Kristipati on LinkedIn

Special Guest: Pavan Kristipati, Sr. DBA, Huntington Bank

DB2 DPF Challenges, Solutions, and Successes

100% of our audience learned something! During today's show, Pavan shares his excellent IDUG presentation in which he details some of the DB2 DPF challenges he faced, his solutions to these challenges, and his measured successes. Learn how to reduce CPU utilization, make SAS queries run faster, speed up backups, achieve SLAs, smartly automate REORGs, and more. Watch our replay for details...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

I need to first thank my co-host Martin Hubel for hosting today's show. As you'll hear, I was rather sick and didn't have very much voice. We've never cancelled an episode of The DB2Night Show™ since inception in 2009, and thanks to Martin this commitment continued successfully.

I've known Pavan for a few years now and it has been a delight to mentor him and watch him grow his skills. Even more impressive, he is becoming a very valuable contributor to our DB2 community. I encouraged him to speak at IDUG, and he ended up giving TWO presentations at his FIRST IDUG conference. In addition, Pavan writes helpful blogs at and quips funny, helpful, and insightful tweets via @pkristipati. I've connected him to Susan Visser @susvis at IBM and I'm looking forward to Pavan's published articles in Developer Works and IBM Data Management Magazine.

I just saw the movie Million Dollar Arm and I'm feeling a bit sentimental at this moment. It is an excellent movie about family, overcoming challenges, and pursuing dreams. By and large, I appreciate and admire many of the Indian descendant professionals that I know in the DB2 community. They are polite, helpful, respectful, and hungry to learn and improve themselves. Kshitij Kohli @kohli83 won DB2's GOT TALENT in 2012, has presented two years in a row at IDUG, and made great strides in his career. Pavan is on the same career path of successes and I hope our DB2Night Show viewers will rally around him with tweets and other social media accolades.

I hope you enjoy this replay and learn great ideas from it.

PS- Martin asked me to include this update and I agree:
"WOW! With 92% of the audience voting, 100% learning something! This show was a great testimonial for tuning techniques in ANY environment, not just DPF. A must-see!"


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BONUS!! SQL from Pavan!

Update 30 May 2014: Pavan requested that we make these SQL commands available - see replay for details! Get SQLs in TXT format!

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