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The DB2Night Show #187: FREE Resources to help you succeed with DB2 LUW V11

December 9, 2016, 7:54 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
George Baklarz, Program Director, IBM

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Special Guest: George Baklarz, Program Director, IBM Canada

New & Updated FREE Resources to help you succeed with DB2 LUW V11.1

Again, 100% of our audience learned something! When you listen to our replay, take note of the millions of miles that George has flown around the world. While he's on the airplanes, he writes books and develops really cool tools to help learn about DB2. During this show, you'll learn about his new V11 e-book and updated tools: "DB2 Demo", "DB2 Compression Estimator", and "pureScale Simulator." Links to these resources are provided. Bonus: Learn about DB2 V11's unofficial support of JSON and please take our one question poll. Enjoy...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

George is definitely one of my Top 10 favorite IBM people. He's a technology guy, honest, warm, with just a little sprinkle of sales speak. He's genuinely an advocate for the DB2 technology he represents, and he's really good at helping people understand complex topics. Have you seen or used "DB2 Demo"? It's a really cool educational training tool that you can use to learn many capabilities of DB2 LUW. I'm in awe that he developed it while flying on planes around the world - I usually watch movies!

One Stop Shopping for ALL your DB2 V11.1 Knowledge Needs!

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NEXT SHOW: 13 January - Scott Hayes

In Episode #188, Scott Hayes performs double duty as host and guest. He'll give his IDUG presentation "Predictive Index Impact Analysis - Know Before You Create!" that earned him the ranking of Top 10 Best IDUG Brussels speaker. REGISTER HERE


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** DB2 and SAP on The DB2Night Show **

And while we're on the subject of DB2 SAP, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant Martin Hubel has a few thoughts that he'd like to share with your about SAP tuning and the evolving relationship between IBM DB2 and SAP. Martin will be our guest in Episode #189 of The DB2Night Show on 10 February 2017. Get details and Register for IBM DB2 LUW Optimized for SAP - The Rest of the Story by CLICKING HERE.

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Get the e-Book, DB2 Demo, DB2 Compression Estimator, pureScale Simulator, and more by visiting this link provided by George:


You've received the replays, PDF, and all the free resources from IBM. George would like to know what your organization thinks about DB2 V11's unofficial support of JSON. Please take our ONE (multiple choice) question Survey Monkey survey by clicking --- After you submit your response, you will get to see how others in the DB2 community have voted! THANK YOU!

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