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The DB2Night Show #192: ALL ABOUT IDUG Anaheim 2017 plus Badge Winner!

April 7, 2017, 11:33 am
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Terry Johnson
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Special Guests: Terry Johnson, IDUG Conference Chair, and Paul Turpin, President IDUG Board


100% of our audience learned something! Terry told us all about the upcoming IDUG Conference in Anaheim California, April 30-May 4. This year the conference format is "new and improved", so be sure to listen to the changes to make the most of your IDUG DB2 Tech Conference experience! Paul Turpin also shared with us news about the IDUG Data Tech Summit - which is essentially a conference within the IDUG conference that will be focused on emerging IBM technologies. Please enjoy our replay, and we look forward to seeing you at IDUG!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

I love IDUG. We spend so much time in our electronic worlds that it is a real treat to actually meet with friends and associates face to face. Yes, there are over 120 tech sessions, ed seminars, SIGs, and keynote presentations, but my favorite part of IDUG is the networking events! I enjoy having real conversations with real people that are longer than 140 characters! Thank you Terry and Paul for joining us today, and thank you to all of the IDUG volunteers that make this conference possible!

Congratulations IDUG Badge Winner

John Felton with the Principal Group is our IDUG Badge Winner! Thanks for attending both of our DB2 LUW V11.1 Certification Shows and for participating in the polling questions!

John has until 5pm CDT 10 April 2017 to confirm that he can and will attend IDUG. If not, our runner up badge winner is Ram Kaza with Cigna.

Upcoming Shows

  • 12th May - DB2 LUW V11.1 Certification Training Part 3! REGISTER!

A message from our sponsor:
DBI Software

DBI contributed an article to the IDUG blogs about our pureFeat™ Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW. The article discusses a performance tuning methodology and demonstrates key points. Please enjoy it by clicking here.


  • Visit DBI Software at booth #102.
    • Get your passport to prizes card stamped! DBI is giving away an Amazon Echo Dot!

    • Pick up your ticket to the IBM/DBI/BMC networking event Wednesday night!

    • Enjoy magic tricks performed by magician (and DB2 LUW DBA) Frank Velasco!

  • Attend DBI's Vendor Solution Presentations (VSPs)
    • SUCCESSFULLY MANAGING PERFORMANCE OF 100s OF DB2 LUW DATABASES, Tuesday, May 2, 1pm-2pm, North Exhibit Hall B&C, presented by Mike Petkau, Director of Database Architecture & Administration, TMW Systems.

    • DB2 LUW MAGICAL PERFORMANCE TIPS AND TRICKS YOUR HARDWARE & SOFTWARE VENDORS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW, Wednesday, May 3, 10:30am-11:30am, North Exhibit Hall B&C, presented by Scott Hayes, President & Founder of DBI Software, an IBM DB2 Gold Consultant, and IBM Champion

    • DBI will be giving away an Amazon Echo at each of these VSP sessions! Why? Because DBI makes tuning DB2 LUW as easy as "Alexa, Tune my DB2 Database!"

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Episode #192, 7 April 2017, ALL ABOUT IDUG Anaheim 2017 with Terry Johnson and Paul Turpin

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