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The DB2Night Show #197: Db2 IoT, Project Pollinator, and GWLM

October 20, 2017, 2:44 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Roger Sanders, IBM Paul Bird, IBM
IoT Computer running Db2 Db2 Logo, IBM
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Special Guests: Roger Sanders and Paul Bird, IBM

Db2 Science Projects: IoT Project Pollinator and GWLM Tool

100% of our audience learned something! It's a special show when we have two guests! Roger Sanders introduced us to Project Pollinator and showed us his pet Internet of Things (IoT) Db2 project - Fascinating! And Paul Bird introduced us to a rather new "free" Graphical Workload Manager (GWLM) tool that is available to help make administering Db2 workload management easier! Watch the replay, get the details, follow the links, and enjoy the PDFs!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

I'm just impressed! Cool stuff! When you let smart people "off leash" and give them the chance to explore their creative capabilities, amazing things can happen! Roger built this cool little IoT device that tracks temperatures and stores the data in Db2, and gave a cool demonstration! Paul recognized the need to make administering WLM easier and thus developed a nice GUI tool for WLM administration!

IBM Project Pollinator

Immediately following Roger's presentation and demonstration, Twitter was quickly buzzing! Listen to the replay for details on a great opportunity from IBM! Click the link in this tweet, and please RT too!

The GWLM Tool

After watching our replay, if you are using WLM or thinking about using it, you are going to want to download this free tool from IBM Developer Works. The link is HERE!

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Episode #197, 20 October 2017, Db2 Science Projects: IoT Project Pollinator and GWLM with guests Roger Sanders and Paul Bird, IBM

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PDF Handouts!

Our guests have been very generous to permit us to share a PDF of their slides. Slides make great reference material, but you won't want to miss what our guests had to SAY, nor should you miss the fun commentary --- SO --- as always, make sure you WATCH the replay to get full benefits! If you promise to watch the video replay, you can get the PDFs below:

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