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The DB2Night Show #202: Using Jupyter Notebook for Db2 Administration

February 4, 2018, 11:04 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Ember Crooks, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant


Special Guest: Ember Crooks
Director, Xtivia
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant

Using Jupyter Notebook for Db2 Administration

100% of our audience learned something! If you like tools that help make your Db2 Administration tasks easier, then watch this replay and learn about Jupyter Notebook from IBM GOLD Consultant Ember Crooks! Ember teaches how to organize your favorite administrative SQLs, plus create graphs and reports, and more! The CLP is so yesterday! Watch and learn...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

There is a PDF available, BUT YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE REPLAY! Over half of Ember's presentation was a live demonstration! Ember is truly a trail blazer who makes understanding, and working with, Db2 easier for all of us! I'm in awe of her creativity and helpfulness! After you watch what she's done with this Jupyter thing, you're going to want to try it out for yourself! Lots of helpful links provided below!

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Useful Links

Ember's presentation contains many helpful links! Some of the links in the PDF are broken, but, no worries, the links below are correct!

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Episode #202, 2 February 2018, Using Jupyter Notebook for Db2 Administration with Ember Crooks!

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PDF Handout!

Ember generously agreed to share a PDF of her presentation with our Db2 community! Yay! The PDF makes good reference material, but do watch the video replay to see the power of Jupyter in action! Get the PDF!

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