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The DB2Night Show #205: Deep Dive Db2 LUW Locks, Logs, and pureScale

May 18, 2018, 4:01 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Mohan and Kent
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Special Guests: Mohan Saraswatipura and Kent Collins, Authors

DEEP DIVE on Db2 LUW Locks, Logs, and pureScale

100% of our audience learned something! Mohan took us into the bowels of Db2 pureScale locking and logging, complete with sample SQL, monitoring commands, configuration considerations, important stuff you need to know for Db2 V11.1 Certification Testing, and much more! Get the PDF for reference AND watch our replay so that you don't miss Mohan's brilliant explanations! Continue...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

Seriously - I'm pretty sure Mohan's life revolves around Db2! He authors books with Kent Collins and gives fantastic presentations at IDUG and on our show! The man is brilliant, talented, and very knowledgeable! Don't miss a word of the replay, and be sure to try out many of the useful SQLs he provided in today's show!

Get the new Db2 V11.1 Certification Book

When we asked Mohan what he was doing this weekend, he said that he would be finishing up their new Db2 V11.1 Certification Book (most of us regular folks will be going on picnics). You can pre-order the new book on by clicking HERE!

Upcoming Shows

  • 8th June - A Crash Course on Db2 pureScale and Advantages! (Mohan and Kent return)
  • 15th June - DB2 Security Best Practices Volume II with Dave Beulke!
  • 22nd June - Db2 LUW on AWS Cloud - SAP Experiences - A Customer Success Story  

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Episode #205, 18 May 2018, Deep Dive on Db2 V11.1 pureScale Locks and Logging with Mohan Saraswatipura and Kent Collins

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