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The DB2Night Show #210: Db2 Performance Tuning- Indexes vs Prefetch

December 21, 2018, 2:56 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Martin Hubel, MHC, IBM Gold Consultant


Special Guest: Martin Hubel
Owner, MHC
IBM Gold Consultant

Db2 LUW Performance Tuning: Indexes versus Prefetch!

100% of our audience learned something! Famous for putting his kids through college by Dropping Db2 Indexes, Martin covers a wide variety of Db2 Performance Tuning topics with focus on indexes, prefetch I/O, bufferpools, Db2 MDC and ITC tables, and much more (detailed below). Watch and learn from a top Db2 performance pro!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

This is definitely one the best, most helpful, most robust shows we've offered on the topics of Db2 LUW Performance Tuning. Martin and I have been friends since Db2 UDB V5, and, in fact, it was Martin who inspired me to become a Db2 consultant way back in 1998. We had a lot of fun producing this show. I drank eggnog and Martin enjoyed some specially flavored coffee. Santa Claus came to visit too - you'll hear his HO HO HO laughter. Enjoy our replays!

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The Agenda for "Db2 Performance Tuning-Indexes versus Prefetch"

  • Why didn't Db2 use my index? Why was a scan chosen?
  • Tuning and Designing indexes: key things to remember
  • What about prefetch? How can prefetch be improved?
  • Additional Table Design Options for performance
  • Prefetch versus non-clustered indexes: which wins?
  •     And How Good does an index have to be for Db2 to choose it?

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Matching Index Columns and Index Predicates
  • Order of columns in indexes
  • How the Db2 Optimizer Thinks about cost
  • Removing Indexes - common fears
  • Fixing Indexes
  • Dropping Indexes
  • Index Tune-up Guidelines
  • Clustering Indexes and Data
  • Multi-Dimensional Clustering Tables
  • Tuning Vendor Indexes
  • Pitfalls from Vendor Indexes
  • The Db2 Design Advisor Tool
  • Reference to Scott Hayes' Advance Index Benefit Analysis IDUG Presentation
  • How Db2 Prefetch Works
  • Random, Synchronous, Sequential, Asynchronous I/O Explained
  • Pros and Cons of Db2 Prefetch
  • Db2 Bufferpool Tuning Methods
  • Animated Bufferpool Activity Illustrations
  • Create and Alter Bufferpool
  • Calculating BLOCK I/O performance
  • MDC Multi-dimensional Clustering Tables
  • ITC Insert Time Clustering Tables
  • MDC and ITC Design Considerations
  • Other Factors that Affect I/O Performance
  • SSDs Solid State Disks
  • Db2 Compression
  • DB CFG Parameters
  • SORTHEAP and other Memory Areas

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