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The DB2Night Show #257: All About IDUG 2024

May 24, 2024, 6:00 pm
Posted by martin in General

Presented by: Chris Muncan and Ian Bjorhovde
IDUG CPC Chair, NA 2024 and IDUG President

"The DB2Night Show #257: All About IDUG"
Replays available in WMV and MP4 formats!

100% of our studio audience learned something!Chris Muncan and Ian Bjorhovde presented IDUG (International Db2 Users Group) conference format and logistics for 2024. Watch the replay...

Show Hosts: Mohan Saraswatipura and Martin Hubel Commentary

The 2024 IDUG conference will offer a comprehensive and flexible experience, combining the benefits of in-person and virtual participation. With a diverse range of session tracks, interactive workshops, and extensive networking opportunities, the conference aims to cater to the varied interests and needs of the Db2 community. The logistics are designed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees, with a focus on accessibility, safety, and technical support. Search #DB2Night to learn more.

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Episode 257 24 May 2024 All About IDUG

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