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The DB2Night Show #144: Annual Eggnog Party with Who's Who of DB2!

Eggnog Party!

Special Guests: Cristian Molaro, Ember Crooks, Guy Lohman, Iqbal Goralwalla, Jim Reed, Kelly Schlamb, Klaas Brant, Melanie Stopfer, Michael Krafick, Pavan Kristipati, Steve Rees, Surekha Parekh, Susan Visser, Martin Hubel, Scott Hayes...

Eggnog Party!
Celebrating 2014 with 2015 Insights!

82% of our audience learned something! 18% attended for the eggnog, fun, and insights! We paid tribute to Aamer Sachedina, we sang, we danced, and we learned what was great about DB2 in 2014 and what people are looking forward to in 2015! Watch or listen, and learn...

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by Scott in Cross Platform

The DB2Night Show #143: HADR & TSAMP Advanced Topics - Ember Crooks

Ember Crooks, Xtivia, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant
@ember_crooks :: Blogs @

Special Guest: Ember Crooks, Xtivia
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant

Advanced Topics!

100% of our audience learned something! Usually during webinars most people will wander off and peak at their email or do some holiday shopping, BUT NOT TODAY! Our studio audience attendees were super glued to Ember's awesome presentation! Not only did 100% learn something, but Attendees rated the Educational Value a 4.95 on a scale of 1-5! Watch and learn...

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by Scott in DB2 LUW

The DB2Night Show z54: Tuning zIIPs for Fun and Profit

Presented by: Julian Stuhler
IBM Gold Consultant, Triton Consulting

"The DB2Night Show z54: Tuning zIIPs for Fun and Profit"
Replays available in WMV and M4V formats!

98% of our studio audience learned something! Jules talked about zIIPs, their use, metrics and more. Watch the replay...

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by martin in DB2 z/OS
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