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The DB2Night Show #178: DB2 LUW V11.1 Deep Dive on BLU and Analytics

IDUG NA 2016 Austin TX May 23-26 Details
John Hornibrook, STSM, IBM Canada
  David Kalmuk, STSM, IBM Canada

What's New in DB2 LUW V11.1: DEEP DIVE on BLU and Analytics

John Hornibrook, STSM
David Kalmuk, STSM
IBM Canada Lab

100% of our audience learned something! As a follow up to our 15 April 2016 show Episode #177 that provided a broad overview of "What's New" in DB2 LUW V11.1, our special guests @JHornibrookIBM and @DavidKalmuk gave us a deep dive that focused on new features and capabilities related to BLU and Analytics. The speed is mind-boggling. The enhancements will fascinate and amaze you. Watch and learn!

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by Scott in DB2 LUW
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