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The DB2Night Show #119: DB2 LUW Potluck - IBM IOD 2013 Insights!

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IBM IOD 2013 Review by Top Consultants
DB2 Experts Ember Crooks and Fred Sobotka share their insights and reviews of IBM IOD 2013!

Special Guests: Ember Crooks, Rosetta, and Fred Sobotka, FRS Consulting

DB2 LUW Potluck - DB2 Experts Review Insights from IBM IOD 2013

88% of our studio audience learned something! 12% attended for the humor! During this episode of The DB2Night Show™, Ember and Fred shared with us what they learned and observed at IBM IOD 2013. Find HADR tidbits and more, plus some great advice if you are thinking about attending IBM Insights in 2014! Watch and learn...

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